Airline Pilots Remind America How It’s Really Done

Mark Patricks – Every time a large gathering of Americans gets together these days, spontaneous chants of “Let’s Go, Brandon” break out. It’s beautiful. Joe Biden seems to have succeeded in his promise to be a “uniter.” Although it looks like we’re not united in the way he had hoped!

We’re living under the most tyrannical iteration of a federal government that Americans have ever seen right now. The chants are one aspect of this battle, but the airline pilots and air traffic controllers who called in sick over the weekend are showing us how to really fight back against the Democrats’ attempt at a communist takeover. And that is glorious!

A bunch of Southwest Airlines pilots called in sick a few days ago and haven’t come back to work. About 600 air traffic controllers in Jacksonville, Florida did the same thing. The sole reason for this was Joe Biden’s illegal and unconstitutional vaccine mandate. The media is trying to help Southwest Airlines’ management. At first, they simply imposed a total news blackout on the story.

But after the first 1,000 flights or so were canceled, the word started to leak out on social media and then rightwing news outlets. Well over 2,000 flights have been canceled so far, because there’s nobody to fly the planes and nobody at air traffic control in Jacksonville to help them safely land.

The initial excuse that the media and Southwest settled on was that “bad weather” was to blame for the cancellations. Which was weird, since it was 78 degrees and sunny in Jacksonville at the time.

The truth is that Joe Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates are totally to blame for this. Southwest is trying to impose Joe Biden’s agenda, by forcing all their pilots to get vaccinated against their will. The pilots have drawn their line in the sand. Frankly, with all the blood-clotting issues that are associated with the vaccines, I wouldn’t want to get on a plane with a vaccinated pilot at the controls.

My prediction is that eventually, Joe Biden is going to be forced to back down on this. Or he’ll keel over, and Kamala Harris will be forced to back down on this. Today, Americans are experiencing flight disruptions right before the holidays. Tomorrow, someone else is going to join the airline pilots in a sickout, and the problems will start to get much, much worse. Our side will eventually win.

Nearly half of the armed forces in the US are unvaccinated right now. The deadline is looming for them. Is Biden really planning to give dishonorable discharges to nearly 50% of our military? What if truck drivers are the next ones to call in sick? Or dock workers at the clogged ports that Biden’s invisible Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg can’t seem to fix?

Here’s the big irony in this: Joe Biden still hasn’t issued an executive order to actually force large companies to impose vaccine mandates on their employees. Southwest Airlines and other companies are just doing Biden’s bidding, despite the fact that no such executive order exists! No wonder pilots are staging a sick-out! And it’s too bad that their labor union isn’t stepping in to do anything to help them.

Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) tweeted this upon learning the news that Southwest pilots were resisting the Biden mandates:

“This makes me happier than I can possibly articulate.  Eat it, @SouthwestAir.”

In a follow-up tweet, the Congressman added:

“I stand with employees telling their corporate and government overlords to shove it.  No mercy – bring them all to a halt.  Shut them all down.  #LetsGoBrandon #SayNoToVaxMandates”

I couldn’t agree more! When the Polish people finally rose up against their communist overlords at the end of the Cold War, they came to a startling realization finally: “There were a lot more of us (the people) than there were of them (the commies running everything.”

The American people are suddenly realizing the same thing. There’s a lot more of us than there are of them. We should stand with the pilots and air traffic controllers walking off the job right now, even if it inconveniences a lot of people trying to take flights. They’re the tip of the liberty spear.

SF Source The League of Power Oct 2021

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