The AHA Moment – Help and Divine Assistance

alignmentJennifer Hoffman – You can probably remember every time you have looked up to the sky in a moment of panic and helplessness and asked for help. And then waited for something to happen. Sometimes it did and sometimes it did not. It’s in those ‘God help me’ moments that we desperately want the sky to open up, angels to come to our rescue, and having a magic wand would definitely be a big plus. But while we get a reminder that we are sovereign in our reality and need to act in more powerful ways, sometimes we get an ‘AHA’ moment and see the pathway out of the chaos. And it’s in that moment when we realize what ‘AHA’ really means.

There is a difference between asking for help and receiving divine assistance, which is profound and impacts what manifests in that next moment. When we ask for ‘help’ we affirm our powerlessness. When we ask for ‘divine assistance’ we’re affirming our place as co-creator with the Universe. And when we get that AHA moment we get the third piece of the puzzle, alignment.

Alignment is the first A in AHA, and it is the path that we have set up for energy to flow into. We can never be ‘out of alignment’ because we are always aligned with whatever is going on in our lives at every moment. It is our alignment with outcomes, hopes, wishes, dreams, and expectations that often creates the chaos in our lives, especially when that alignment is not grounded in our own power. Understanding what we’re aligned with opens the door to understanding what we are doing, why, and what we need to do to change.

Help is the H in AHA and it happens after we realize that our alignment is causing the problem and decide that it’s too much for us to fix, we need divine help, as in having the Universe fix it for us. But, as we have found out, the Universe doesn’t work that way. The lesson is not resolved when we realize the alignment issue and think that is our cue to ask for help, turning it all over to the Universe for resolution.

There is one more step and that is changing what we are aligning with before we can get to the next step, realizing we need help and connecting with Divine Assistance. Not in the form of the magic wand, angels coming from heaven, or the hand of God reaching out to lift us out of the abyss, but as a powerful co-creator that connects with the Universe so we can co-create the highest and best outcome for ourselves.

Divine Assistance is the A in AHA, it is the support that we have when we remember ourselves as co-creators, equal partners with the Universe. That’s hard to think about when we are truly desperate, at the end of our rope, feeling that there are no other options so we need the Universe to step in and clear the decks. Asking for help is one way we give our power to the Universe because we feel too incompetent, too tired, and too overwhelmed to act. But we get divine assistance when we are willing to use it to help ourselves step into the new pathways of alignment we know are the next levels of ascension and enlightenment. Then our AHA moments become true shifts in awareness that take us out of the past and into new realities of joy.


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SF Source Enlightening Life Aug 2017

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