Ancient Pyramids Emitting Impossible Energy Beams!

teckler  January 2014

Could it really be possible that our ancient ancestors were able to create or harness powerful energy beams or even weapons when they built or designed their pyramids? Amazingly some researchers are claiming that is indeed the case and what is even more mind-blowing is that these energy beams are still working today! What is the evidence, you ask? Check out what researchers have found below with these three ancient pyramid sites:

Kulkulkan Pyramid Chichen Itza, Mexico


This image was taken from a group of tourists in 2012 at the ancient site in Mexico. A group of researchers led by Richard Hoagland measured that their are indeed various un-natural energies that are being emitting from the top of the pyramid and seem to be amplified during electrical storms. The strongest of these energies come directly from underneath the ancient pyramid and then shoot straight through the top implying that some ancient device could very well be buried underneath it.

Bosnian Pyramids

PyramidsShootingBeamsOfLight2An international team of physicists have found the impossible according to researchers and scientists involved with the Bosnian Pyramids excavations. At the Pyramid of the Sun site, the team detected an energy beam coming directly through the top of the structure. Measurements of the energy beam provided the following data:

Radius of beam – 4.5 metres

Frequency of beam – 28 KHZ

Beam is continuous and strength grows as it moves up and away from pyramid (which according to laws of physics is impossible).

Great Pyramid

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One thought on “Ancient Pyramids Emitting Impossible Energy Beams!

  1. If you check google I think you’ll find entries that describe them as photoshopped (by the people who photoshopped them.) It’s kind of clear, actually.

    However, I don’t doubt that the pyramids are energy generators.

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