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The Morning Blessing | Feb 27 2012

“There are two great days in a person’s life-the day we are born and the day we discover why.” – William Barclay

The softness of February love is [finally] accentuated this week with a profound sense of peace pooling just beneath the experiences of our daily lives. As many are accomplishing clearing out the illusions of drama, chaos, and unbalance from our realities we have set the space for something more profound to enter our experience. The flow of Magic and Miracles is set to descend upon this plane of existence and its presence is whispering to all who have ears to hear. It sits just beyond the veil of the astral field and waits for us to notice. Don’t wait for the journey of sleep to take you into this realm of Newness, ask in the waking hours to connect with this energy of expanded Love.

It is still too easy to wake and enter our day without giving attention to this higher consciousness. That is why so many still feel a little lost and directionless, and perhaps even depressed and confused right now. Our expression until now has been mind oriented and the New can only be perceived through the heart. The mind needs constant direction and movement, the heart seeks peace and stillness. When the mind can surrender its control over your being and allow the Heart to now be the command center through which we regulate all of our experiences then you will move into the organic space of Pure Being and understand the deep and significant changes in planetary energies.

Our most valuable valentine has been delivered; slow down long enough to sense its presence. It is soft, loving and gentle. You will know when you have found it for you will feel the comfort of Peace and Gentleness. It is the vibration of the new dimensional home we have moved into. It feels safe and you will automatically trust that you are protected and supported. The doubt that prayers may not be answered leaves and you simply trust that your abilities to champion all obstacles and challenges are supreme. That is because you are moving into the Higher self and elevated consciousness. You are aligned with the Higher Aspects of your spiritual being.

As the old falls away you will increasingly become more used to an embodied vibration of peace, calm, and stillness. This is the “sign” that you have reached that place of having a personal and direct relationship with the God Source inside you. And it will feels s-o-o-o-o good that you must make time in each day to pause, to nurture, and to grow the Inner You that is unfolding from within your being. Paradoxically, this alignment also boosts your energy and you are now able to spring into action when called to do so. Many will be finding the passion of what they know they came here to do and will have the courage and curiosity to manifest this calling.

While the energies are intensifying and transforming you must remember that not everyone is ready to embrace the changes that usher in the latest evolutionary cycle. And so, at this time, we are existing on many different levels of awareness, or dimensions of being. What is real for you may not be for others. Note the “shifting” and “sorting” as individuals of similar consciousness form alliances and communities of thought and awareness. The movement between levels is still very fluid and open, and you will need to keep choosing the 5D heart wisdom above all the dramas of separation and anger that are operating on the lower dimensions at this time. This will become even more important to remember as we move into the spring months.

The cellular body also perceives the Radiance on the planet and is adjusting and refining daily. It is still not unusual to once again find yourself experiencing “symptoms” that remind you of earlier Ascension jolts. Consciously intending to move into the higher aspects of living will include having to burn the dross in physicality that holds us back. Then as the latest frequency tones begin to operate through our biological foundation we face having to experience new multidimensional sensing. Nausea, dizziness, headaches, anxiety, grief, depression, and anger will pass. It is just the old stuff coming up to be cleared. The psyche is also clearing so we are having lots of dreams; many that are strange and confusing. Just allow the old issues and memories to release without having to understand what is leaving.

As you experience all or some of this exhaustion the need to rest and sleep will pull at you. Listen to what it wants, it is changing. Allow yourself to be in absolute trust that all is well. You will know your body has adapted to the frequency impacts when you begin experiencing strange feelings in the body such as electrical vibrations and currents as well as energy moving through the physical. Flashes of light and blurbs of color are increasing. A perception of “the other side” is becoming acute. Trees and animals may begin to communicate with you as your telepathic abilities come back online physically. We are once again running the innate psychic circuits in the cellular vessel.

It is transitions time on our planet my friends but Divine Magic is all around us. A new interpretation of living and being is here and all we have to do is intend to connect with the higher frequencies of “I AM Love” to begin demonstrating it. There is no more searching! Our highest good has landed and we can claim it. It is available and open to all who seek it.

We are the Heart of God — what better way to end Valentine month,

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