Allow “Good Things” To Be The Center Of Your World

lightVeronica – We are often asked how one can lead a better, more fulfilled life. Of course all of you are individuals so there is no standard answer.

However, we do suggest this.

It is important to allow the “good things” to be the center of your world. Yes, there will be crazy, “bad things” along the way. By fortifying the positive within yourself the probability of being impacted by the “bad things’ lessens to a great degree.

Getting caught up in a negative swirl can be upsetting. One wonders often how they got themselves into such a mess. Realize that by identifying the source one can create themselves out of said mess.

We can hear the collective response of “Easier said than done”. You really should not settle on defeat before you start. Always be proactive in your perceptive about positivity and the force of its energy.

Change the course of negative patterns. Become a beacon of light rather than stumbling around in the dark. If the exterior light is suddenly snuffed out, then you become the light.

Sprinkle your life with seeds of light. Decide to eliminate darker energy. You will never regret such a move.

Start your garden of positive. The most powerful tool you have is the inspiration to do it now.

Dig deep….. yes it’s really inside you.

Gather yourself and plant all the beauty you can.

SF Source Inner Whispers Jan 2021

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