Collapsing the Field of Duality [Video]

polarityNicole Frolick – We live in a (3D) reality that is heavily based in separation, but as many of us begin to reclaim the fractal parts of us back into union, we are collapsing the field of duality. This is a sign of 5D vibration.

I already knew a couple of days ago that I was going to discuss this topic, but last night I started receiving downloads and strong nudges to release this video now. Often times, when my spirit guides and higher self want me to discuss or act upon something sooner rather than later, they wake me up in the middle of the night and bombard me with info and downloads so I can’t sleep. It’s kind of cute, because I feel their excitement. Yet, I also love my sleep!

What’s a girl to do? 😉

This idea of experiencing extreme polarities simultaneously has been a strong theme for me in 2019. I have been observing this within myself throughout the year in varying situations and can see why my guidance team is pushing me to talk about this topic.

It’s all about collapsing everything back into One.

SF Source In5D Oct 2019

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