DeAnna Lorraine Is Challenging Nancy Pelosi in 2020

pelosiThe Horn News – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was blindsided by a new video from right in her own political backyard on Monday.

The liberal lawmaker is up for reelection in 2020 — and she won’t be able to coast to victory come November. Deeply unpopular among the average American voter, the end of her political career could be closer than anyone guessed.

Pelosi has a congressional challenger now — DeAnna Lorraine — the political activist running as a Republican in the 12th District of San Francisco. She announced her candidacy in a video that trashed Pelosi’s unpopular leadership.

“I’m bringing the issues right to Nancy Pelosi’s front door,” Lorraine told The Daily Wire. “Most of the issues in America, you can find Nancy Pelosi and her party at the head.”

Lorraine is banking on her lack of political experience as an advantage over the incumbent. In her video, she described Pelosi as far removed from the American people, holed up on Capitol Hill.

“I don’t know anyone better who can fix those problems than an average, ordinary American. I think we can win this and show conservatives are here.”

“… yes, I’m not a seasoned politician, but that is my asset. I’m down in the trenches with my fellow Americans and I’m dealing with what they are dealing with. I’m not sitting in a gate-guarded mansion totally out of touch with America.”

Recent polls have indicated that Pelosi is more vulnerable than most people think. According to the latest from Real Clear Politics, the Democratic lawmaker has a jaw-dropping 52 percent unfavorable rating as opposed to just 33 percent favorable.

For an elected leader on a national stage, those numbers are worrisome.

Meanwhile, Pelosi is preoccupied fighting with the radical liberals in her own party who also want her out. With a new Republican challenger in her district, and constantly clashing with President Donald Trump, Pelosi is under siege on all fronts.

In her campaign video, Lorraine reminded citizens that ” the way that she’s been running her own district is the way she will be running America.”

Never forget that Pelosi’s district is among some of the worst in America, with a soaring population of homeless people living on the streets. If Pelosi neglects her backyard, imagine what she’d do to the rest of America.

And if Lorraine’s video goes viral and she builds support, it could mean big trouble for Pelosi.

SF Source The Horn News Sep 2019

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