Exposing “The Establishment” And Its Agenda [Video]

SGT Report – In my past life I was a successful insurance broker and learned that “people tend to buy what they understand”.

Enclosed is a summary of the outstanding 2+ hour documentary Shadowring which fully exposes The Establishment and its Globalist Agenda. 

The Establishment (Oligarchy) a relatively small group of people that have control over the US government (which includes law enforcement) irrespective of the wishes of the people.  The Big banks, Military Industrial Complex, Big MED, Big Pharma, Mainstream Media (MSM), and Multinational companies are all part of The Establishment and control our government.

The Establishment is a “Reverse Robin Hood”- stealing from the poor and giving to the rich! They are responsible for bankrupting the USA ($19T Debt and $103T Unfunded Liabilities) – the US Dollar has lost over 98% of its purchasing power vs. gold since the origination of the FED in 1913 and 97% of its purchasing power vs. gold since closing the Gold window in 1971.

They are also responsible for the murders of hundreds of thousands of US soldiers and millions of civilians worldwide. Since the Spanish American War (1898) – the USA has not been involved in any legitimate war where we were attacked unprovoked. (Ex.- Spanish-American War – sinking of the Maine – false flag, WW1- sinking of the Lusitania – instigated false flag, WW2 – Pearl Harbor – instigated false flag, Vietnam War –  Gulf of Tonkin – fake false flag, War on Terror 9/11 – false flag, and (forthcoming) WW3 – instigating Russia.)  *Let me know if you’d like DOCUMENTATION showing that all of these were “inside jobs” – including 9/11?

Wars = Debt = Death

Winners – Establishment Banks, Military Industrial Complex, and Globalists.

Losers – The People.

The Establishment controls both Democratic and Republican parties. Consequently, the ESTABLISHMENT does not care which party wins as long as it is one of their ESTABLISHMENT “puppets”. Their election campaigns promises may differ but once in office they will promote the same Establishment Globalist Agenda.  

Mainstream Media (MSM) – is controlled by The Establishment. Six major corporations control virtually all of MSM – including FOX News (There are a few ”truthers” at Fox). MSM are not news organizations. They are propaganda organizations for the Establishment Globalist agenda.  The Establishment also controls most of the polls! Their agenda is to make it appear that Hillary is way ahead to discourage Trump voters and encourage political donations.

The Establishment (Globalist) Agenda is to control the world – by creating a one world government with The Establishment in charge.  The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Group of 30, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberg Group are the primary organizations that create Globalist policy and perpetuate the Globalist Agenda via controlling politicians, MSM, academia, and Hollywood.. Many of the top MSM correspondents and many of the upper and lower level Cabinet positions within the US Government belong to the 4900 member Council on Foreign Relations.

Establishment globalists have a plan to control the world – these puppets are not as stupid as we think – they are evil and have an agenda!

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SF Video Source Cene Kanse August 2016

Hat tip, Kevin!

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