Get Ready!

light codesAluna Ash 9D – My guidance has been saying “Get Ready!” because now the light codes have been fully separated and descended. 64 DNA codons have been released from the 6th Dimension. These are distributed and separated to descend for integration/activations.

Soul Prep

Light codes that have been released from the 6th dimension have been fully separated in the 5th dimension [and] are now descended into the 3rd and 4th dimensions – ready to be fully integrated and activated. This is a process that began in April.

The light codes separated into 64 DNA codons as they descended to lower dimensions and began being activated in 5D, 4D, 3D on 6/21. These codes will continue to integrate and activate for many up until the next wave when more will be descending. (See video where I spoke of this if interested. In that video I mentioned how after this moon cycle ends 6/26 we begin integrating more of the cosmic consciousness.)

The next wave will be hitting (moving through) the planetary spheres and planetary field 6/28-6/29. This is the beginning of the 13th moon where we integrate more of the cosmic consciousness coming in from 6D Light Codes that were released months ago and have been descending. These will bring a reality rearrangement and a whole new set of codes and activations.

June 23 Galactic Activation Portal

June 23rd is another Galactic Activation Portal day. The activation takes place on the Red Resonant Dragon day. Red Resonant Dragon is about receptivity, truth, ego death, learning to deeply trust in the Divine process that is unfolding spiritually, trusting completely and giving from a place of unconditional love without attachment to how it is received.

“The Dragon represents the energy matrix lines that look like a web in the universe through which all points are connected in time and space. This energetic web of communication is known as the Crystal Grid Network.”

“It is the cauldron of creation, a potent field in which all things are not only possible but can constantly being created.

Within this grid the linear causality of time and space has been freed into an open system in which all time and all space exist and interact simultaneously.”

This grid connects two larger holograms of reality with our own. Its energy lines connect all places, times and events, even those that are seemingly unrelated.

All phenomena and all actions are part of this larger whole, It is the very foundation for telepathy and synchronicity.”

Red Dragon

Red Dragon embodies unity in which all things are one with the Source through this grid system. This is a Galactic Activation Portal where Cosmic time meets linear time to be fully integrated as One, connecting Higher Worlds to Lower Worlds. Synchronicities, downloads, and psychic energy/phenomena tend to increase.

The Moon is joining Neptune retrograde in Pisces, becoming part of the T Square between Neptune retrograde in Pisces, Jupiter retro in Sagittarius and Venus in Gemini. This brings a deeper understanding of events, relationships, lessons, helping us to expand. It includes synchronicities and events playing out in the Astral realms.

This energy is helping us develop intuition. A lot of clearing can take place with the astral body.

The Moon and Neptune

The Moon joining Neptune retrograde heightens psychic sensitivity. Any planet that touches Neptune becomes hypersensitive to subtle impressions. Because the Moon is connected to the unconscious and Neptune to the dream state, messages can manifest in dream state through the unconscious more strongly during this time.

Neptune is connected to higher feelings, like Uranus is connected to higher thought. Neptune helps to dissolve what is undesired while operating from her higher potential. This T-Square is telling us to dissolve patterns from within that are undesirable and keeping us separate from embodying our true self. It’s telling us to avoid escapism (Neptune can be connected to escapism.)

Get ready for alignment / attunement

Today (June 23, 2019) is a resonant Tone 7. It is about alignment, attunement, self-acceptance, mystical power, and is the foundation of individual self freed within the two points of polarity. It is alignment/attunement of the seven chakras, integration of the polarity of worlds through the crystal grid network, the seven rays of light, the seven stages of consciousness joined as one, the seven spheres/planes.

It is about freeing yourself from the need for outside confirmation and accepting yourself unconditionally. The Red (in Red Resonant Dragon) is connected to purification, initiation, cleansing and activation.

Our guidance on this day is beyond the physical, beyond the current dimension. It taps into cosmic knowledge that is within us all while crafting and birthing our light body. It is the joining of the feminine & masculine aspects of yourself to create a new etheric template, one designed to bring Heaven to Earth.

SF Source Aluna Ash- 9D Jun 2019

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