Why ‘The War On Consciousness’ Was Banned [Video]

Alexandra BruceGraham Hancock explains that his and Rupert Sheldrake’s TEDTalks were infamously banned not because they were “unscientific” but because they challenged a “Dogma of a particular faction of science,” the materialist reductionists, who control the official scientific narrative of the UK and of TED; ; people, like Sir Richard Dawkins, who believe that consciousness is a random series of chemical reactions in the brain, etc.

Graham says that Rupert and he received loads of support from members of the scientific community in response to their talks being banned and that TED was ultimately forced to re-post their talks to their website and to embarrassingly explain, line-by-line, their own failures and inaccuracies in this fracas.

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV May 2017

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