The new Counter-Culture

homesteadersShorty Dawkins – Back in the 1960s and 1970s, there was a hippie movement referred to as the “Back To The Land Movement”, that was a Commune Movement of city-raised hippies who wanted to drop out of the Materialist Society and reconnect with their Agrarian roots. As all Communist Movements have done, it was a dismal failure, for most. Those that survived were the ones who shifted away from being Communes and became more Capitalist enterprises. The hippies tended to be more interested in drugs and “Free Love”, than in tending their gardens or their animals.

Today, there is a new Counter-Culture Movement that can best be described as the “Homesteading Culture”. Homesteaders, like the hippy “Back to the land” movement, are heading back to the land, but with real purpose. They have a deep desire to become more self-sufficient, and to raise their children in a rural setting where the children can be educated at home, and raised in a “traditional” environment free of the Globalist infringements, materialism and indoctrination.

They seek to grow food that is free of chemical contaminants, (organic), and to raise animals for meat that are treated decently and are hormone free, (natural).

Unlike the Communist hippies, they are strong believers in private property and free enterprise. Many consider themselves Christian, even if they are not church-goers, and most of them understand the need for firearms for protection. Most hunt. Many slaughter their own animals, or are learning to do so. They can and preserve their harvests, and many have decided to go “Off-Grid”. Yet they are not Luddites, as they see the value of trucks, tractors, solar power, computers and the Internet. In fact, there is a huge presence of these homesteaders on the Internet, as they exchange knowledge, goods and friendship to other homesteaders via the Internet.

The Homestead Culture is a fast-growing phenomenon as both young and old are abandoning the Materialist Culture and the Corporate Mindset, to pursue their dreams of family independence and a connection to the food they eat, from seed to harvest, or from the birth of the animal to slaughter and the table.

Go to YouTube and do a search for “homesteading”, and you will begin to grasp what this new counter-culture is all about. Do homesteaders struggle? Of course they do. Don’t city-dwellers struggle at times? But they rarely give up. They are a committed group.

Another thing they do, that is rare in the city/suburban culture, is that they form bonds with their neighbors. How many city-dwellers even know their neighbors? In rural environments, folks help each other out.

Homesteaders want something more out of life than to drive to work, where they stay in a cubicle for eight hours, and then drive home, where they cook some processed foods in a microwave and sit in front of the TV until it is time for bed, only to do the same thing the next day, while dreaming of taking a vacation in the Caribbean. Yes, there is a LOT more to life than the programmed, corporate life.

SF Source Oathkeepers Jan 2018

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