How to Encourage Impulse Buys at Pet Stores

Impulse shoppingEncouraging impulse buying is one tested and tried way of improving your pet stores’ average purchase profit. The great news is that every customer that comes to your pet shop is a potential impulse buyer. You have to learn the tricks on how to convert each potential to actual impulse sales and essentially more profit for you.

We have compiled a list of how you can boost impulse buys in this article. Please read on.

How Can I Use Impulse Buying to Boost Profit in My Pet Shop?

Impulse buys contribute considerably to your total sales and has a tremendous impact on your profits. The best way to have your customers abandoning their well thought out list and add some impulse purchase is by playing on their emotions. Before you go thinking it’s a terrible thing, think of it this way. When you set up your store products strategically, you can often stimulate more customers to buy more let products.

Use the four P’s to boost impulse buys. They are:

♦ Product – stocking the right products that appeal to your customers is essential. Use the data from your customer’s previous orders to find out the highest bought products. Stock up these products as well as other products that your customers will be drawn to.

These impulse products should be cheap and simple. For example, if you sell pet foods, you can stock up on toys also. That way, your customers can come in for food only and wind up buying some pet toys too.

♦ Placement – display your impulse items in visible strategic locations. You must display your impulse products prominently in visible areas to attract the customers’ attention. You can display these items at your check-out stand; this way, customers can easily add them to their orders.

Alternatively, you can place them next to your bestselling product. Remember, visibility is essential.

♦ Pricing – as stated earlier, impulse items must be easily affordable. The key is to stock products that the customer can pick up easily because it is not expensive. The low price removes the risk of them changing their minds because it is above their budget.

♦ Promotions– you should draw attention to your impulse products strategically. You can offer price slash for the products or create eye-catching fliers of the product. Doing this helps you draw the customers’ attention to the product.

♦ Promote your impulse items by putting them on sale and creating a sense of urgency around them.

What Can I Stock to Excite Impulse Buyers?

You can offer several impulse items to boost sales. Whichever ones you choose in your shop must be inexpensive and suited to your customer base. You must analyze your customers and deduce what they would be most willing to add to their orders.

Simple, exciting, yet cheap things you can display for impulse buys include:

Doggy toothbrush

The cheaper variant of pet snacks

Flashy leashes for dogs

Pet treats and toys.

Remember, the goal is not to stock big expensive items but easily affordable attractive items. A few well-chosen inexpensive items will encourage your shoppers to add them to their carts.

How Can I Increase Impulse Buy in My Pet Shop?

Impulse buys can have a tremendous economic impact on your pet shop. We will give you tips on how to increase impulse buying in your pet shop.  You can accomplish this easily with Pet Store POS.

♦ Anticipate the needs of your customers – you must study your customers’ order habits. Their habits point you in the direction you need to anticipate their whims.

♦ Design a path for your customers to follow – you can direct your customers’ steps subtly to the products you want them to buy. By designing a past for their journey in your store, you get an idea of where to place your impulse items.

♦ Position your impulse products strategically – these low priced products can be placed next to high-value products or displayed on your check out counter. The goal is to place them where they are visible. Make use of signs around the impulse buys to encourage customers to buy. Bright color works best to draw attention.

♦ Limit the impulse item to the barest Minimum– customers will often drop your impulse products if they are faced with an array of choices. To prevent this, limit the variety of your impulse.

♦ Pay attention to emotional triggers – humans are emotional by nature. You must identify the triggers that spur your customers to buy these items. You can achieve this by promotions that create a sense of urgency in the buyer.

♦ Other triggers include value – here, you can offer two products at the price of one. Value offers make customers feel they are getting the best offers ever. You don’t always have to throw in the discount offer; novel impulse items convince the shopper without you saying a word.

♦ Take advantage of social media and marketing platforms – Publicize your latest items and promotional offers. This helps incite excitement in shoppers and have them visiting and buying more. You can also use well-crafted emails and text messages to keep your customers in the loop on the latest items in your pet shop.

♦ Train your workers in the act of suggestive selling – They can skillfully nudge the shoppers towards your novel inexpensive impulse items. The nudge works best when you know the shopper or see that he/she has picked up the item and is considering it.

Your skillful workers can incite doubt in the shopper’s mind of whether they have the product at home or even really need them. You’ll find that shoppers in doubt often add the item to their carts.

How Can I Encourage Impulse Buys in My Online Pet Store?

If you own a virtual pet store, some of the above tips may not apply to you. Because most times, you never get to meet your customers, it is important to tailor your strategies to suit your store type.

As an e-commerce pet store owner, your customers don’t have the luxury of touching your items to trigger their impulsive side. As a result, you must create a positive lasting shopping experience for your customers. This will allow you to suggest other items to them. Here are a few things you can adopt to improve impulse buying in your online shop

Create a Memorable Time for Your Customers

Your customers must have positive things to say about your store. This helps you stand out from the numerous other pet stores online. A positive shopping experience breeds trust and loyalty between your customer and you.

Suggest Other Similar Products

As customers move to the checkout menu, you could suggest other items that are similar to what they have chosen. The items do not have to be similar; they may be complementary products. These strategic suggestions give your customer a chance to add the item to the order(source).

Encourage Impulse Buying by Offering To Ship Purchased Items Free.

Many customers get a thrill from being offered the opportunity of free shipping. The key to making this act profitable for you is setting a minimum amount to qualify for the offer. Implementing this strategy nudges customers to purchase more items to qualify for the offer.

Promote Periodical Sales Offers on Your Website

The sales period helps attract new customers and catches the attention of the old ones. A few discounts here and there help you increase impulse buys. You can advertise these discounted prices on social media and other platforms.

How Can I Ensure these Strategies Keep Working for My Business?

You must evaluate your strategies from time to time. Doing so will help you identify those that are ineffective and help you strategize. Your evaluation should involve:

♦ Customer profiling – this helps you identify the types of customers that your business has attracted this period. Are they young, middle-aged, or older people? Were they willing to spend more?

♦ Sales Performance – you must be able to analyze the sales trend. An in-depth analysis of the products’ trend will enable you to identify your best sellers and the items that didn’t do too well. You should stock up more if the heavily purchased impulse items.

♦ Analyze customer feedback on the products – find out if they loved it and what else they might want to buy.

Doing these three above things are essential to boosting impulse sales and, consequently, profits. Sectors that did poorly can be scrapped.


Impulse Buying provides an excellent source of net profit for your pet shop business. The impulse items must be inexpensive and simple. These items should be placed in strategic places to capture attention. We have provided you with many tips on encouraging impulse buys in this article; try them out.

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