How to Use Healthy Food Coupons to Eat Well and Save Money

healthy food couponHealthy food coupons can be a boon to your regular grocery store routine. Here is how to use them to save money and keep your body fit.

Eating healthy has a reputation of being too expensive when compared to cheap junk food. But research suggests that a healthy diet only costs you about $1.50 more per day than an unhealthy diet. Choosing a healthy diet can also save on medical costs down the road by preventing health problems.

You can make healthy diet choices even more affordable with healthy food coupons. They may not seem like much, but even small discounts lower your food budget and make eating healthy more affordable. You can also use tricks to get even more savings by using those coupons wisely.

Check out these tips for using healthy food coupons effectively.

Clip Healthy Food Coupons

If you have a newspaper subscription, reach for the weekly printed coupons that usually come in the Sunday paper. Check with friends and family to see if they receive coupons that they don’t use. You may also check with local stores or gas stations to see if you can pull the coupons from leftover papers the next day.

While many of the coupons in those flyers are for junk food, you can also find options for healthier foods. Look through the coupons carefully, cutting out all of the coupons for healthy foods that you use.

Clip coupons for anything you normally buy, even if you don’t need it now. Coupons usually don’t expire immediately, so you can save those discounts until you need them or until you find a deal to pair them with at the store.

Avoid coupons for healthy products you never use. Even though you’ll get a discount, you’re spending money you wouldn’t normally spend to buy them just to save the money. If it’s something you’ve wanted to try, using coupons gives you a cheaper way to test it out.

Don’t forget to look in the weekly ads for your favorite grocery stores. Many stores include coupons in their ads. You may be able to pick up a copy of the ad in the store if you don’t receive them at your home.

Print Coupons Online

Online coupon printing options come in handy if you don’t receive the newspaper. Sites such as and Grocery Smarts let you print manufacturer’s coupons.

These sites let you choose which coupons to print. Search through the options to find the healthy options that match your normal shopping list. Print and cut out those coupons to store with the rest of your coupons.

Use Online Coupon Codes

Another option for saving on healthy foods is to use online coupon codes. You can often find codes for your favorite online retailers that sell healthy foods. Some codes earn you rebates that you can cash in later.

Look for In-Store Coupons

Some stores place coupon dispensers near different food items in the store. Check near your favorite healthy foods to look for those coupons. Those coupons are often manufacturer’s coupons.

Other stores use apps or loyalty programs to dispense coupons and discounts for specific products. Download apps and join loyalty programs for all grocery stores you frequent so you don’t miss out on those in-store discounts. Since most of these types of discounts are offered by the store instead of the manufacturer, you can usually combine them with manufacturer’s coupons for greater savings.

Another way to find coupons in the store is to look on product packaging. Some manufacturers place special coupons on the packaging. Peel those coupons off of the packaging when you grab the item so you don’t forget to redeem them.

Contact Companies

Visiting websites for your favorite health food companies can earn you some extra coupons. Some manufacturers have coupons available on their websites. Sign up for email lists to your favorite companies to get occasional discount offers.

Sometimes contacting the company can result in coupons. If you love a brand, send them feedback via their website to let them know of your positive experience. Some brands will send coupons or discounts as a thank you for being a loyal customer.

Organize Your Coupon Stash

Once you’ve collected your coupons, get them organized so you don’t miss out on any of them. Envelopes or binders designed for coupons help you keep everything organized and ensure you don’t lose them.

Organize the coupons into categories. You might put fruit and vegetable coupons in one section, healthy snack coupons in another, and healthy meal kit coupons in another. When you’re planning your grocery list or you’re at the store, you can go to the specific sections to find related coupons.

Match Coupons With Sales

You get more savings from your healthy food coupons when you pair them with sales. Browse the ads for the stores you shop at regularly each week before you shop. Look for items on sale that you have coupons for to get the items at a lower price.

Bring your coupon stash with you to the store in case you find any unexpected deals. Stores may have unadvertised specials that match your coupons. By carrying your stash with you, you’re always prepared to make the most of those discounts.

Stack Coupons and Other Deals

You can only use one manufacturer’s coupon per item, but you can stack those coupons with other deals. Most stores let you use one manufacturer’s coupon and one store coupon on the same item for extra savings. Check on the store coupon policies before shopping to ensure you understand any restrictions.

Another option is to look for other in-store specials. The store might offer a small gift card or dollar amount off a purchase of a certain amount. Some stores offer a discount if you buy a certain number of one item, such as a $5 discount if you buy four packages of that item.

If you have a manufacturer’s coupon for items that qualify for those deals, you can get extra savings.

Save on Your Healthy Diet

Healthy food coupons can save on your overall food budget, making it more affordable to serve your family nourishing foods. Use our smart coupon strategies to get the most out of the discounts. Then, read more blog posts to learn even more health and finance tips.

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