I Have A Few Questions

US Elections 2020James Gilliland – What is wrong with counting all legal votes and discounting all illegal votes? What is wrong with investigating election fraud and tampering?

How can counties (the vast majority democrat) have a 219% voter turnout in Biden’s favor? Other democratic counties showed 129% several over 80% on up when normal voter turnout is around 60%.

Why were democratic lawyers sent out ahead of time to change election rules to allow mail in ballots and accept ballots well after the polls closed deemed illegal by the Supreme Court.

How after the ruling against it did this become standard practice? Why were votes counted after the polls closed, ballots backdated, and pallets of ballots dropped off between 2 and 4 AM in swing states, states that showed a clear win for Trump before the polls closed?

Why were there system glitches mostly in democratic states which changed thousands of votes for Trump to Biden?

Was the Dominion Project, scorecard and hammer programs installed by the Obama Administration used in other countries to change election results? Who installed these systems designed to change the electronic vote in America? Who owns the ballot making and counting machines, which politicians have the highest investment?

The last question is how can any person with an ounce of integrity not want answers?

We need to demand answers to these questions if we are ever going to have another fair election and not slip into a socialist nightmare. Do not allow yourself to be shamed for asking legitimate questions or succumb to the democrats demand to accept the results of the “election or installation”.

They never accepted the last election results so on what basis can they make this demand of you. This election is all about the continuation of the Republic versus rule by mob – socialist dictators who demand the power and wealth be put in the hands of their hostile government sponsors, high tech narcissist billionaires who wish to control every aspect of your life.

Choose by actions not by words. Don’t allow a few idiocentric moments blown out of proportion by the lame stream press to take you down a path of enslavement and eventual demise. The global elite have made it very clear about their plans for humanity and the Earth. Total dominion, extreme population reduction, and all freedoms granted by the Constitution and Bill of Rights rescinded. – James Gilliland

SF Source ECETI Nov 2020

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