Increasing Intensity

intensityKate Spreckley – Collectively we are all in the throes of a period of destruction and reconstruction. It is an intense time of rapid processing, purification, and healing where expansion, growth, learning, and awakenings are becoming more and more pronounced.

We are learning to fully engage with our soul and to live life through our intuitive self.  As a result, all that must be relinquished is being revealed offering us the opportunity to heal and release the deep and difficult wounds of the past. 

As you continue to move between worlds all that is in need of healing and release is brought into manifestation for the purpose of transformation.  Currently, the incoming energies are increasing in intensity, and you may be experiencing feelings of tension, pressure, exhaustion and back ache as the energies move through your body revealing the places and the spaces where your energy is stuck.

Use this time to eliminate the old, entrenched patterns and wounds of the past by fearlessly examining where you may be blocked emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

 © 2021 Kate Spreckley

SF Source Spirit Pathways Sep 2021

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