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deforestation​The world is coming to an end soon! How many times have you come across that warning… numerous, we would guess. It comes as old news that the environment is suffering just as fast as the world is evolving. The rapid use of natural resources, the greed with which acres of green lands have turned into acquisitions, and the thousands of species that have just vanished, all present a liability that we as human beings can no longer leverage.

The environmental issues at stake can be narrowed down to 6 pressing concerns:

Climate change, which presents an equally alarming threat for droughts, heat waves, wildfires and floods. These outcomes come as a result of the growing use of fossil fuels emitting enormous amounts of harmful carbon which drastically shifts the climate towards rapid warmth, that today, many previously known as ‘cold countries’ are currently suffering from. And, yet, no strict policy has been issued to ban their use and force their replacement by sustainable energy forms.

Pollution resulting from the same exaggerated presence of carbon dioxide that serves as a hazard to public health. Air pollution can be easily spotted as those big dark, foggy clouds suffocatingly trapping citizens in a polluted bubble they are forced to breath in. Soil toxicity and water pollution are no strangers from holding the same health risks as much as air. And, yet again, forcing an Act or policy within a country won’t be sufficient because, guess what, we share the same planet along with the same air, same water, and transferable soil.

Deforestation is the complete opposite of what we should be doing to combat climate change and pollution. But, here we are, killing the only living things that would happily absorb the carbon dioxide and provide us with pure oxygen. Not to mention the endangerment of wildlife and hence comes animals extinctions.

Droughts that have become more prevalent than before with almost 1.1 billion people lacking any source of clean water to sustain on. You would think that this is a ‘third-world countries’ issue, but surprising 48 US states are facing clean water scarcity issues.

Extinction of many species threatens biodiversity which is of crucial importance to maintain food, health, and the circle of life. All previously mentioned environmental issues are the driving forces behind the extinction of 27 percent of the world species and yet, no unified efforts have been collaborating to put an end to extinction.

6 Desertification where the inconsistency of agriculture and the recurrent practices of soil erosion to rectify more living spaces have caused us more than half of planet earth’s topsoil. And if the soil is lost that means less plantations, more carbon dioxide, more pollution, warmer climate, and extinction.

Environmental issues are intertwined as a complete cycle where resolving an issue would lead to the automatic resolution of another. But the question remains as to what can be done to speed up the healing process.

The 2019 report issued by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) highlighted the role of “innovations, solutions” when it comes to challenging and resolving pressing environmental concerns. Innovations don’t imply unique inventions, but rather the insertion of creative approaches endorsed by businesses and renowned organizations to raise awareness and suggest ‘innovative’ easy replacements to save the environment.

One’s mind might shift to traditional campaigning or celebrities pointing to climate changes in their award acceptance speeches, but the environmental concerns call for more than just mentioning. Innovative solutions take, in its core, harvesting knowledge, influence, skills, and collaborations with powerful partners to spread the idea and contribute to their sustainable improvements.

There are many businesses today, including apple and Panasonic who have embraced innovations to save the planet. However, such empires would seek the help of more specialized business like this company which offers its services to not only spread the word on one or more environmental issue, but is dedicated to employ financial and human resources to create a movement with decision makers for on-ground results.

Such companies may have ‘saving the environment’ as their ultimate goal, but they have the skills and means needed to guide and implement any individual, business, or even organizations desire to give back into a real positive planet change.

Their means usually revolve around:

1 Recycled Economy which opts for using durable and less-hazardous material when manufacturing mass produced products to increase their life-span with minimal threat to the environment.

2 Innovative Financial Direction for already established businesses in different sectors, including using mobile-banking, renewable energy systems for real-estate developers, and the incorporation of green bonds as part of the infrastructure when designing or revamping cities.

3 Partnerships entail the synchronization of visions as well as efforts of two businesses, even if they belong to different sectors, to promote for the same sustainability issue. By creating these partnerships they take a stronger stance in sending out the message.

4 The rise of the Green businesses that have actionable policies to support and save the environment from taking a more degrading turn. These are becoming more and more prevalent in all of the world’s societies.

5 Green financing where funds are given to businesses of different sectors to include environmental issues in their decision-making and practices.

6 Sharing concepts that bring in new ownership definitions and encourage the responsible use of natural resources.

There’s still Hope

The corporate world has endorsed social-responsibility as part of their products’ identity and it’s all for a noble cause and that is saving the environment.

Think of every time you buy groceries in a biodegradable paper bag the has the famous triangle logo for recyclable. Or the household cleaner products which hold on their package a clear message that reads non-toxic and environment friendly.

Saving the environment has evolved from being an individual-level mission to global organizations. While, their means of environmental innovations might seem indirect and subtle, but they have definitely raised noted awareness to the environment.

You, too, can save the environment and raise more awareness on the issue of your choosing through your business by adopting any of the aforementioned strategies that would cost you less money for an enormous impact.

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