Integrating Our Multi-dimensional God Self Awareness

Joe Weaver | The Divine Balance
November 22 2011

Since the opening of the 11.11.11 gateway. We are in a time where more and more people will be becoming aware of their multi-dimensional Selves and God Self Creator abilities. The choice everyone has then is to be fearful of this knowledge or embrace and expand with it. Therefore embrace and integrate the multi-dimensional aspects of our own Being or have fear of who we really are. The awareness that we are infinite Light Creator Beings simply having an experience in a physical body and collectively Creating the reality for which we know.

Here in 3D there are many distractions and it is very easy for us to live in illusion and denial of who we really are. There are many levels of this denial that limits the full awareness of our God Self knowledge to flow and be integrated. In some ways we could see this as we are integrating the knowledge of our future Selves into the present.

Many of you might of heard others say that you/we are all Ascended Masters and also that the ascension has already happened. In some ways it already has. Within 3D our consciousness works within linear time. It also rates its knowledge on how much experience it has in this life to others within the same life. Some people may have viewed the Ascended Masters as some mystical group of people hanging out in another dimension. When in reality everyone is right here, right now in physical form. Some of you may be saying, if I have already ascended then why would my current actions matter? The easiest way I can currently explain this is, what we do in this very moment effects the past and future. Therefore we in effect are continuously evolving all levels of our consciousness at the same time. So one level affects all other levels, for all levels are One in the present moment.

In 3rd density our mental consciousness bases its experience on linear time. Such as comparing experience to others based on age, or how much experience a person has accrued in his or her current life. However the more we integrate our expanded consciousness into the present. The perceptions of our Self and others as muti-dimensional Beings becomes more known. We then have the capability to continually expand our view of the current reality and understand the workings of it to a greater degree than we were previously able to do. We integrate the knowledge of how our multi-dimensional connections with all energies and all people/Beings within the Universe and beyond works together as One.

The fact that we exist within many levels of Creation all at the same time can be a little hard for our mental ego brain to comprehend. The limited intelligence of our ego tries to understand things for which it cannot understand through beliefs. Most of the time also if the ego cannot believe or understand something it will simply create fear of it. This is how our ego consciousness in most cases deals with reality. It either judges, has fear or believes in order to process and understand reality. However it is not through beliefs that we integrate the knowledge of the multi-dimensional levels of our God Self Being. Nor can we truly be able to understand something if we have fear of it. We “allow” ourselves to experience and integrate these levels of our own Being by living the frequency of these levels of consciousness. Therefore if we wish to know our eternal selves we must let go of the processing of our ego consciousness and how it relates to reality and integrate the higher intelligence of our own Being that exists through our hearts. For example to integrate the consciousness and knowledge of your eternal I AM Presence or God Self Monad.

The frequency of these levels of your Being must be lived within present time in order to integrate them. Once we experience the process it takes to do this, we simply continually expand our hearts through the veils of our conscious Being and integrate this knowledge into present time. The more that we do this we start to become aware of the multitude of other life experiences that we have had/are having. Also we begin to see how these other life experiences are reflected into our current life and personality. Therefore if we wish to align ourselves more with our eternal Source existence. It all starts with our actions in this present day and choices that we make to live through our eternal heart consciousness.

In the linear time model most people base someones current life on the framework of viewed accomplishments or material possessions. However this is just the tip of the iceberg of our existence and experience. Here is a good one that Babaji likes to do to people all the time.

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To assist in breaking the conscious time barrier, judgment and illusion that we only exist within this current linear life. He may present himself as a homeless person and most people just judge him for what they see. “Oh look at that homeless person, I feel sorry for him, he has nothing.” When really this is illusion and judgment coming from the ego mind. In reality he has “everything” and “is” everything and is a multi-dimensional Master. He doesn’t “have to” do or be a certain way to be who he is.

There are many situations like this within our own life experiences to learn and expand our awareness. That give us the “opportunity” to move beyond the judgment and see that the homeless person just might be a Buddha simply presenting himself in a different way in service to humanity. If the judgment and linear comparison of yourself to another person is let go of, then what do you have? Would it not open the door for more Oneness and expanded awareness of your own eternal Self existence to be realized? You will see Babaji for who he is sitting right there along the street. Then you may realize that you are Babaji! Your own God Creator Self, the multi-dimensional master dreamer.

In most cases also it is not through classifying ourselves that brings more realization into our awareness either. Many people “search” for their life purpose and try and classify themselves accordingly. When really it is the classification and searching for which then creates the limitation and delays more awareness. The classifications such as I am “this” is a judgment and belief that you are “this” and you will be “this” until you decide to let go of being “this”. When classification is let go of then you have the opportunity to see that you are already everything! These are only a few examples of the thought processes of “judgement” that our consciousness within the 3D program goes through. These are all illusions just the same as the 3D reality in itself is a holographic illusion. We are all multi-dimensional Masters and have multi-dimensional experiences that can all be realized and brought into the same time and space. Of course only if we have the willingness to step out of illusion.

We are Creating/dreaming this reality together. As it has always been said we must fully “descend” in order to “ascend”. All we have to do is let go of the denial of who we are to integrate the knowledge of our expanded existence. This is all that is needed. Not just believing it or connecting in with it, but “being” it now. Grounding all our multi-dimensional aspects of consciousness here within this space and time assists all other aspects of our collective Self. We are all holding keys that may assist others in their own awakening. These keys could be viewed as “Source codes”. Therefore the more we integrate our multi-dimensional aspects of our own Selves we are at the same time activating our own Source codes. The more that we do this it allows our knowledge and Source codes to flow through the grids of consciousness here on Earth. Our individual Source codes are like pieces to a collective puzzle. The more we integrate our Selves it makes it easier for others to “choose” and expand down their own paths into Oneness. Our thought forms and individual Source codes flow through the grids and everyones energy systems like cells within the veins of a human body. They are all constantly flowing. The more cells of love and Oneness that are flowing, the more cells of love and Unity consciousness that will be present within the collective body. It doesn’t happen by someone else doing it for us. By integrating more of our own Light it fills the collective with Light. One aspect affects the whole just as the actions that we make today effects our past and future selves all within the same moment.

We have been conditioned to believe that sharing information about our multi-dimensional experiences is not normal and or is not real. This is what will be changing as we all move further out of linear time. Sharing your experiences with others not only will assist yourself but others in understanding everyones connections and multi-dimensionality. The more people that step into their roles as God Creators/conscious dreamers the more our reality will change and we will live more in Unity consciousness. We are co-creating this dream and creating what ever we focus on. Every persons input counts! If we focus on fear and wars there will be more fear and wars. It doesn’t have to be like this. If we change our consciousness views we change our reality. Our collective thoughts float around in the collective brain. The more the collective brain changes its thoughts the more the collective body experiences a different life and reality.

As peoples multi-dimensional senses are increased/expanded, the old programs are dissolved, and the ego brain continues to lose its footing in linear time. The fear of “lack” of time can very easily be turned into frustration and anger. Everyone is experiencing these accelerated conscious shifts in different ways. Not everyone is seeing these changes in the same ways or can understand what they are experiencing. So lets “be patient” not only with others but also with ourselves as all continues to expand. There is nothing to fear for it is only False-Energy-Appearing-Real. Living the energies of illusion only grounds more energies of illusion. If you wish to change your reality change what you focus on. We do not have to allow chaos to exist within ourselves even if chaos if being reflected in our reality. Heaven currently exists within each of our hearts, all we have to do is live it to experience it!

We now have the opportunity to assist all levels of our Being in expanding. Lets let go of the denial that we have held against ourselves. The more we do it today the more it will assist all of humanity. Lets put aside our differences and join together to a greater degree. Infinite knowledge exists through each of our hearts. All we have to do is start using it and we will become more aware of the multi-dimensioanl Masters that we are! The more we live the frequency of love, forgiveness, oneness, unity and sharing without conditions. The more it transforms and aligns all levels of our Being. So lets do it and unite as the God Creators that we are.

Light waves of infinite love following to all.


Joe Weaver facilitates workshops and is a speaker and writer who promotes healthy and sustainable living, as well as provides tools for Self transformation, realization, healing and empowerment.

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