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intentionJennifer Hoffman – Is it possible to control the outcomes in our life? The short answer is yes, the longer answer must include many factors including soul groups, karmic paths, our soul mission for healing, and our own Source contracts. But while we cannot escape from the life lessons and karma we have set up for ourselves, we can bypass the more challenging parts and stay in control of the process by understanding the creative power of our thoughts and beliefs.

If we know ourselves to be sovereign in our lives and use that to empower our thoughts to create a more joyful, joy-filled, fulfilling reality, we will see how our lives can move from intention to alignment to manifestation in ways that we enjoy.

Our reality is a mirror of our thoughts and beliefs, every single one of them. There are no insignificant thoughts and each thought has equal creative power. Intention is how we move energy, which will go in the direction of our intention. Use these daily affirmations to set your intention — and move the energy — each day of the week so you are intentionally creating the energetic flow and space for the highest and best outcomes for your life.

If you follow me on Facebook, I posted a new word for each day last week and it was so successful that I want to share it with you here. As we move into greater awareness of ourselves as energetic beings, we embrace our energetic power and can use it to manage our lives more effectively, productively, and efficiently. As you read the messages below, think of the words you want to use (make them high vibe and energy expanding) to set the energy for your day.



The word for Monday is ‘marvelous’, which means ‘full of wonder, great, excellent, and amazing. What does marvelous mean to you? What would your day look like today, if it was marvelous? How about your life — what does a ‘marvelous’ life look like? Monday starts the week and the energy you set for your Monday will carry through to your entire week. Remember that what you intend is what you create, so set your intention for Monday to be Marvelous and you will create a wonderful, great, excellent, and amazing energy flow for this week.


The word for Tuesday is talented. While ‘terrific’ and ‘tremendous’ would have been obvious choices, they share the Latin root ‘terror’ and they can mean  both good or bad things. A talent is a unique quality — everyone has one, you do too. What makes you unique and special? What is your truth about your uniqueness, specialness, worthiness, and deserving that you can reveal to yourself on Talented Tuesday? How can you manifest that in your life? It’s Talented Tuesday and you’re the talent in your reality, so make today all about you and how talented, gifted, unique, and special you are.


Today is Wonderful, Worry-Free Wednesday! For a day to be wonderful, it has to be free from worries and anxieties, from challenges and conflicts, from traumas, trials, and tribulations. When we set our intention for wonderful, all of the fears around ‘what if it isn’t’ or ‘what will come up to mess up my wonderful day now’ can arise. To prevent that from happening, take the worries out of the equation. And instead of worrying that your ‘wonderful’ won’t happen, include an intention to have a ‘worry free’ as well as a Wonderful Wednesday. Once you have experienced ‘worry free’ today, you may just make Thursday ‘worry free’ too. Have a wonderful day.


It’s Temptation Thursday and today we stand on the threshold of change, with temptation all around us. Is the allure of a new future that is unknown,  uncomfortable, and unfamiliar more enticing than that of a known, familiar, and comfortable (relatively speaking) present and past? It’s our choice. We know change is imminent and we feel it all around us but it doesn’t happen until we take action by first deciding which offer we will be tempted by. What tempts you to experience a life of being joyful, loved, valued, happy? Or are you tempted by your fears and limitations? Are you willing to give yourself a chance to try it out before deciding it’s not for you?  Choose your temptation today and let Tempting Thursday awaken you to a glorious new path.


Today is Fabulous, Fear-Free, Fierce Friday. It’s fabulous when we decide that we are going to have a miraculous day — the word fabulous means related to fables, mythical tales of magic and miracles. When we remember that we create our reality with each thought and we can have every outcome that we desire, then fabulous can be at the top of our list.

Fear-free means being completely without fear, and is a better alternative to being ‘fearless’, which means to have ‘less’ fear. And when we are fierce, through the power, truth, and strength of our light, in our intention for what we want in our lives and in our world, we don’t let distractions and inconveniences move us off of our path. When our energy resonates with the fierceness of our intention, everyone knows we mean business. Have a Fabulous, Fear-Free, Fierce Friday and go through your day with confidence, knowing that when you decide to be your true, fabulous, fear-free self, you shine that energy and light brightly and that is how your day manifests.


Today is Superb Saturday! Superb takes good, great, and excellent to new levels. It means magnificent, luxurious, exceedingly great, grand, proud,  sumptuous and ‘very fine’. You can have a ‘good’ day or you can have a superb day. What can you do to make your day exceedingly great today, or to celebrate your own ‘exceeding greatness’? Can you see yourself as superb today, as magnificent, wonderfully superior, grand, proud, and shine that feeling inside and out? Instead of telling people to have a ‘good’ day, what would they say if you wished them a superb day? Have a superb day today and be magnificent, exceedingly great, grand, and ‘very fine’.


It’s Sunday, the last day of the week and you may be tired, especially if the week has been challenging on some level. That’s when celebrating the journey with a declaration of “I am Successful Sunday” is important. We are successful in all things, and we can’t judge them as good or bad. Everything we do is successful, whether we like our success or not. We are blessed in all we do and blessings are often things we learn and grow from, which aren’t always things we like.

The concept of ‘failure’ doesn’t exist in an abundant Universe and we always have an opportunity to do things differently the next time. It’s not useful to judge ourselves and instead, choose a new outcome the next time.

Was this a challenging week? Sometimes they are and when we are just glad that the week is over, we miss the lessons and blessings of everything we inexperienced. Don’t worry whether next week will be better, celebrate your success today by finding something you were successful at this past week.

It could be something you learned that will help you make a different choice, it could be a release or closure for something that has blocked your progress, or you could have a really clean house because when energy moves a lot, we get the urge to clean and tidy up. No matter what you decide to do, take a moment to recognize and acknowledge yourself for the success you have created because that will help you create the next successful step on your path. Enjoy your ‘I am Successful Sunday” as you prepare to have a Marvelous Monday and be ready to have another glorious week.

Did you enjoy these affirmations? They work when they are used daily and since energy is always moving, keep it moving in the direction you want it to go by using energy expanding, high vibes words to set your intention for each day of the week.

Are you familiar with the 1969 song ‘Let the Sunshine In’ by the 5th Dimension. It begins with saying ‘when the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars’. Well, guess what, Jupiter and Mars are aligned and the moon is in Libra, the 7th house since January 6.  Is this the dawning of the Age of Aquarius as the song says? I think so, what do you think?

You can hear this song on Youtube at this link.

SF Source Enlightening Life Jan 2017

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