There Is A Feeling Deep Within

puzzleVeronica – There is a feeling deep within all of you that knows what your purpose is within a life. Most spend much time attempting to put all pieces of the puzzle together to know what that is.

Some find that they are missing a few key pieces. Some try to remember exactly where the puzzle is. Others drop the puzzle unknowingly and scramble to retrieve all the work now lost due to the fumbled dropped puzzle.

It does seem endless, this search for the connection between one’s personal view and the bigger picture. The important thing is to be patient with the self as you journey forward towards who you are.

We have been told by some incarnates that it all would be a whole lot easier if one could simply remember past experience and the moments in-between. It is, however, a lot of information that would most likely confuse rather than validate. Yes, many do remember, but the path to one’s purpose can be daunting.

We would suggest to recognize the core vibration within. This means a recognition of your energy and the acceptance of the eternal fire within you. No, one does not have to become a monk on a mountain top. All of you have incarnated to unfurl that inner spark. It can be done as a banker, teacher, mother, father, artist, etc. The list itself is infinite.

The one common element of it for all is the recognition of that internal energy.

We realize some have been conditioned to ignore, hide, and even run away from who they are. Decide that hit internal connection is something you want. Instead of silencing this source, decide to let it loose within all the energy your possess.

Fear not the opinion of others.

At the end of the life it will be you that asses the path you have made. No one else really gets a vote about the successes or failures.

Just you, your guides, and the eternal energy within.

So allow yourself to shout the energy within. Be what feels right in your heart. It might be just what is needed for all. The details will emerge as you align. (Yes. They always do.)

Let yourself be of good cheer.

Let yourself align with what you know is really you.

Let yourself make decision without fear. What is expressed from the soul will help the current reality blend with your purposeful moment.

Everyone has a purpose. It was not intended to be elusive. It is deep within. Reach within to find the soul’s perspective. You may find it is something you knew all along.

Let it out.

Be aligned with the god-like energy within. Your purpose will emerge with all the beauty it possesses.

SF Source April Crawford  Mar 2016

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