listenVeronica – Decide today to see the best in all people. We realize that most will roll their eyes while commenting how impossible that would be. Yes, there are those who would present a challenge, but maybe one should approach it differently in those cases. However, taking a moment to reflect upon another and their perspective could result in personal evolution.

What we find in our linear experience can result in growth. When there is another who perhaps does not interact well with our energy, the usual response is abdication. By cutting off contact there seems to be a feeling of relief of not growth.

Consider that by attempting to help with communication, it may render the whole relationship to be redeemed. Often by learning to actually listen to another, the relationship can take a turn for the better.

In essence, being a better listener can create a comfortable atmosphere. Stop talking at each other, while integrating the ability to listen to the other speak.

So learn to listen.

The next step is learning to listen without judgment. Allow each other to speak by patiently hearing everything the other has to say.

A no-judgement zone creates a level of trust that cannot be duplicated any other way. Give everyone the ability to speak without any sort of condemnation Hear every word while putting yourself in their shoes. Feel the energy. Know that they feel that this is their truth. Honor that feeling within them. Let them feel you paying attention. No matter what happens, you still honor and cherish their existence in your life.




SF Source Inner Whispers Jul 2019

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