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uncertaintySarah-Jane Grace – There can be no denying that the world we live in contains much confusion, contradiction and paradox. On one level, there is a sense of shift and a lifting of energy. However, on another level there is still a sense of angst and turmoil which is pulling many of us in different directions at the same time. Perhaps there is one thing we can say with certainty, and that’s the fact that we continue to live with uncertainty.

Of course, this isn’t something new as we all live with uncertainty each and every day, but there is a need now for each of us to turn towards this uncertainty and be more willing to embrace the moment with tenderness, compassion and truth.

Uncertainty may be a fact of life, as no one knows what lies around the next corner, yet we do have a choice: we can either choose to live in fear and trepidation of that uncertainty, not wanting to take a chance on life, or we can choose to embrace that uncertainty allowing it to fuel our determination to make the most of every single moment.

Of course, life isn’t always as clear cut or black-and-white, sometimes life is a kaleidoscope of choices, decisions and uncertainty; with every choice having a knock-on effect to other choices and decisions. We are not solitary islands, everything we do, or do not do, has an impact.

So, despite the uncertainty, there is a sense that we each now need to consciously choose to embrace life more wholeheartedly, to reach for those dreams that have long sat gathering dust on the shelf, and to make the most of every single moment as we truly don’t know what lies ahead.

None of us want to reach a point where we look back on a life full of what ifs and if only’s. Whilst there are inevitably bills to pay and responsibilities to fulfil, we can either allow those to shape and define our lives, or we can choose to accept them as a part of our existence, but not allow them to tether us and prevent us from reaching our true potential.

As the energies continue to swell and twist like a maelstrom on all levels, it seems important to find peace amongst the chaos and to take time to reflect on the true beauty of life. Even if we just take a few moments to breathe deeply, to absorb the magnificence of nature and reconnect to our heart and soul, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

We don’t have to sit in contemplative meditation for hours on end in order to find a piece of peace. That’s the magic of being human, as we can find that magic in every nook and cranny of existence. This doesn’t take away the negative or difficult, this is merely a way of feeling connected to the bigger picture.

We all spend much of our lives on autopilot, taking things for granted. For example, never in a million years did it occur to me just a few years ago that doing something as simple as going for a walk in the woods or a meander across a sandy beach would slip out of my reach.

It’s only now, with the benefit of hindsight, I wish I made more of every moment, and chose to live my life as fully as possible. Whilst there are other ways I can access the world, losing that ability to be spontaneous and to immerse myself in the natural world has left me with a layer of sorrow in my soul and a sense of loss.

So, we really need to make the most of every moment, to live life as fully as possible and to celebrate the magic of all of those things we take for granted. Life is precious, and we need to treat it with reverence and respect, awe and amazement. Surely we owe it to ourselves to try to live life as fully as possible? Do we not deserve the chance to focus on true quality in life?

It’s therefore so important that each of us give thanks for all that we have and all that we are. We need to learn to embrace the uncertainty with courage and conviction. Life is not only for living, it’s for living well. Just remember that the more willingly we breathe into life, the more life will breathe into us…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,


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