Newsom Recall Effort Has Enough Valid Signatures to Trigger Election [Video]

recallSundance – The rebel alliance in California is throwing buckets of sand into the machinery… Well Done!

The California Secretary of State, Dr. Shirley N. Weber, has announced the recall effort to remove Governor Gavin Newsom has produced more than enough valid signatures to trigger a recall election.

[NOTE: Not coincidentally allied media are reporting today that California’s COVID infection rate is declining rapidly… funny that]

CALIFORNIA – […] The valid signatures in the 10th report are 1,626,042, which exceeds the total of 1,495,709 signatures required. Counties still have until April 29th to verify the validity of any remaining signatures.

“This now triggers the next phase of the recall process, a 30-business-day period in which voters may submit written requests to county Registrars of Voters to remove their names from the recall petition,” Secretary Weber said. “A recall election will be held unless a sufficient number of signatures are withdrawn.” (read more)

SF Source Conservative Tree House Apr 2021

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