Nick Sandmann vs Media Giants [Video]

SandmannAlexandra Bruce – We’re about to find out whether or not sanity, the rule of law and justice will prevail in the US in many pivotal cases currently being pursued.

I happened to be on Twitter while the Covington High School boys thing unfolded. In real time, I tweeted the handles of these abusive Hollywood and CNN loons over to lawyer Robert Barnes, after he’d tweeted out his offer to represent the children for free – and which he is now doing for some of the peripheral students involved. A heavy-hitting firm with success in this area of the law is representing the primary figure, who’s sole “crime” was being white.

At the Pubtelligence conference at Google HQ in NYC last week, I mentioned the “MAGA Teens” story to the woman seated next to me. She had already formed a negative opinion of Nick Sandmann, who did nothing wrong or even vaguely distasteful.

As infuriating as this was to me, I realized that she’s just a normal person, who’s not really paying attention and that the relentless repetition of lies about this child had sunken into her unconscious. She represents the target audience of the Fake News, who have been savaging our families with this 🤡-directed Color Revolution being waged against the American people and the world for the past 3 years.

This poor kid’s reputation has been blown up and destroyed for the rest of his life on his first out-of-town trip without his parents. Don’t think you’re not next! The heinous and despicable, racist mob mentality of the multi-billion dollar corporations that propagated this abuse must be held to account.

So far, the Washington Post has been sued for $250 million and just last week, CNN was sued for $275 million, with TV personalities, Kathy Griffith and Bill Maher now in the lawyers’ sites, among others.

These garbage people must understand that there will be pain now and there will be more pain in the future if they ever do this again.

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV Mar 2019

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