Is Nordic Translation and Localization Worth It for Business?

nordic translationThe Nordic nations are amongst the strongest in Europe for economic security. Their macroeconomic achievement in the last eleven years has been amongst the greatest in the Western world. With the greatest GDPs per capita in the Eurozone, their market is slowly moving from the construction industry to the service area.

Nordic nations are also one of the main power generators in the world, both in the gas and oil sector and in the renewable powers sector.

Nordic nations provide plenty of opportunities for British businesses, and a high-quality language service is necessary to reach their customer base on a local level.

English is spoken extensively as a second language in Nordic countries, but like most Europeans, Scandinavians prefer to receive product information, instructions, user interfaces and other content in their languages.

With more and more businesses connecting globally, the need for Nordic translation is increased notably. Similar to translation, localization has become an important part. Website localization is in high demand for those sites which gives services regional wise. Nordic translation and localization services are bridging the gap between businesses.

Though English is the accepted business language, Nordic language too is essential for business purpose. Nordic translation and localization services are offering a complete solution in translating the documents for business. In the current scenario, the government and companies must communicate with the public in the local language to keep a strong relationship.

Nordic translation services offered by the service providers include translation of texts and websites (also known as localization). Localization services are very common for those websites that need to present the message in the regional language.

Let’s have a look at the difference between translation and localization:

♦  Website Translation: Translation is the process of replacing the original language of the website with the alternate words to the target language.

♦  Website localization: Localization is the form of modifying web content and application into the regional quality. It is to change the source language and other components into the local taste.

Localization involves translating content like website content, blogs, graphics, product descriptions, brochures, etc. in the local language while keeping different cultural and regional aspects in mind.

Advantages of using Nordic translation and localization services for business:

1. Establish Your Image

Customers today get to decide among dozens of regional and international choices. If you aren’t choosing professional translation and localization, you aren’t building the right image for your business.

2. Increase Market Penetration

Localizing products and services for all of your markets will help you increase penetration and ultimately improve your income generation efforts. Localization makes it a lot simpler to handle Nordic markets and make the most of each opportunity.

3. Language Influences Purchases

To select one kind of product or another, customers need information. Giving your Nordic viewers enough information about the brand in the particular language will help you build rapport. Research indicates that 75 percent of Nordic buyers prefer information in their language, to select products and make shopping decisions. Sixty percent rarely buy from English- only websites.

4. Tailoring Text to Local Consumer Requirements

Experienced translators in marketing will know what it takes to make the text interesting to the local Nordic people. As a result, you’ll be building solid, emotion-based connections with customers in various nations.

Nordic localization and translation enable businesses to increase their ROI by multiplying the impact from content they have already created in English. By failing to make multilingual content a preference, businesses miss significant revenue possibilities that could play a paramount role in development and sustainability.

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