Overburdened Intentions and Fear Leads the Way

workJennifer Hoffman – When I purchased what I thought was a little stand for my phone, I thought I was getting something great. Except that it didn’t work as I imaged it would. The problem was I was trying to get it to do many things it could not do and was not made to do. Once I learned that and what it was actually designed to do I was much les disappointed in it and actually found it to be very useful.

This is one way we overburden our intentions – putting all of our expectations on them and then expecting them to multi-task in 8 different directions. Another way is allowing fear to dominate the conversation when we expect to fail and see every small speed bump as a massive (and sometimes very welcome and appreciated) road block.

Do we expect too many outcomes from a single intention and then think it doesn’t work when nothing happens or we don’t get the results we want? Are we trying to avoid going through the effort of another manifestation process or do we lack confidence in our manifestation abilities? I think it’s a confidence issue – we think we created one thing and don’t want to try our luck trying to replicate the process. So we put all of our expectations on a single intention and hope it all works out.

But it won’t and in fact it can’t because life doesn’t work that way. While the Universe is all powerful and unlimited, it doesn’t defy the laws of physics on the 3rd dimension. We try to defy those laws all of the time for many reasons – we are afraid things won’t work out and we’re afraid that they will and try to prevent ourselves from getting into a situation that calls our competence and skills into question. We would rather fail by omission than prove to ourselves that we are a failure.

I describe that in the video and share the story of how I set my son up for failure and he did exactly as he was told to do.

When things don’t work out we tend to call that a mistake or a failure. But did we plan it that way? Remember we are all powerful and we are the creators of our reality, so there is some truth to consider about who is ultimately responsible for what happens.

What is doing the talking when we are preparing for the worst? Are we looking for an excuse to stop when we let our fears lead the way? Isn’t it a welcome relief when you don’t want to do something and your can’t do it – your car breaks down,  you lose your keys, you are sick on that day, you miss the bus, or your child is sick. You may feel slightly disappointed and think that it’s a setback. Or is it?

Did you set yourself up for failure by focusing on it instead of the outcome you wanted?

What are other options? The video explains how we set ourselves up to try to avoid failure or to fail and if you can see yourself in these examples I hope it helps you  understand why failure can be welcome and how overburdening your expectations can lead to a lot of struggle and confusion.

Have confidence in your abilities and remember that overburdened intentions will not work as you hope but then nothing is designed to do everything all at once. Break your big intentions into smaller tasks and celebrate each one when it happens. And failure is not a roadblock, just a message that a different path will yield a more fulfilling and productive outcome. Shine on!

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One thought on “Overburdened Intentions and Fear Leads the Way

  1. While we have spent millennia acting in and reacting to successive experiences and situations against a back-drop of, by implication, implicitly conflictual contradictory belief systems which, like red flags, divert our attention away from theessential question, we have rarely allowed ourselves the time and space to stop. Stop to ask ourself not only: “Why this accident?”, “Why me?”, “Why now?” but more importantly “What was my
    reason for creating this situation?”

    By calling it an “accident”, we displace and focus our attention away from our Self, seeking some external explanation for what is occurring within while positioning ourself as the ‘victim of circumstance’ along with all of its accompanying negative
    connotations. Powerless? Impotent? Vulnerable? The common tendency to focus upon what went wrong, upon who was wrong, who was responsable for the accident and therefore who committed an error, detract our attention from the essential issue involved – discovering the reason why we created the incident in the first
    By focussing upon treating the effects we are distracted from identifying the origin and motivations that are to be discovered through the identification of the cause. Are not these so-called ‘accidents’ and ‘errors’ simple invitations that we propose to ourselves to enable us to broaden our understanding of Self? They share exactly the same orientation as the challenges we created for ourselves in the video game. After all, a road sign that indicates Paris is not Paris it_self!

    (Extract from: ”Yellow Vests and the Uprising of Consciousness’)

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