Physical Integration

Kate Spreckley – Energies and events are pressing all of humanity towards a new awareness, one that reclaims the power of our soul and our true authentic nature. As we continue to release and eradicate the outdated and obsolete aspects of both our personal and collective consciousness, we emerge into a climate of consciousness in which we can intentionally create a new reality that benefits all living things.

Currently the energies of both the earth and the cosmos are increasing in intensity, which is creating a shift within the energetic circuitry of the body. As a result, you may experience some strange physical sensations as the body adjusts and adapts to the new frequencies coming online now. Detox like symptoms may be felt as you physically begin to integrate the incoming energies.

Move through this phase gently taking care to give your physical vessel what it needs. Remember that physical activity will support this process and enable you to keep the energy moving alleviating any feelings of stagnation.

SF Source Spirit Library Apr 2021

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