The Power Of Economic Nationalism

nationalismShorty Dawkins – James Carville, who headed Bill Clinton’s successful campaign, had a sign on his wall, it is said, that read: It’s the economy, stupid. He and Bill understood that the first priority for voters was their economic well-being. That reference wasn’t about China’s economy, or Europe’s economy. It referred to the US economy. If you aspire to lead a Country, the economic well-being of your citizens is the paramount issue, short of its defense, perhaps, but surely at the top of any list of non-defense issues.

Economic Nationalism is a powerful force. It can bring down inept administrations, as it did with George H. W. Bush. Clinton was able to convince voters that he had the programs to improve the economy, and that HW had little concern for the “Average Joe and Jane”. Bill Clinton understood the power of economic nationalism. So did Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton did not, which is why she lost.

Hillary Clinton surrounded herself with Hollywood Elitists, Silicone Valley Elitists, Wall Street Elitists and Social Justice Warriors, who fawned all over her, while she basked in their adoration. She ignored the economy, and lost her bid for the job, (and her place in history), she felt entitled to.

It is only natural that the people of a nation, wherever it may be, are concerned first about their economic well-being. Will they have a job? Can they feed their children? Can they make the payments on their house and car? Of course these are primary considerations for voters!

Breitbart has an article where the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, an ardent Globalist, comes to the realization that Economic Nationalism is a powerful force.

“The reality we all have to confront is that globalization, using that term very broadly, has yielded a lot of advantages to the world—except it’s not been evenly spread,” Nadella, the man who has taken the reins of one of the most successful technology companies on the planet, said, adding:

“It’s not been evenly spread even within a country that largely has done very well because of globalization, like the U.S. Unless and until we can deal with the inequities in our societies—in every country—it’s America First in the U.S. It’s going to be Britain First in the United Kingdom. It’s going to be China First in China. That’s what the world will expect. No one is going to get elected to any country’s presidency or prime ministership by not talking about their country first.”

Nadella, being a globalist, is telling his fellow globalists that for globalism to succeed, they must take into account the power of Economic Nationalism. In other words, that they need to find ways around these powerful nationalistic forces. Being Globalists, they actually seek to destroy Nationalism, but to achieve power they must find new ways to deal with the power of nationalism. They don’t understand Nationalism, but must learn to deal with it, somehow.

Globalists believe in one-size-fits-all, (except for themselves, of course), and all their beliefs hinge on destroying nationalism. The recent rise in nationalistic fervor, in the US, Europe and even in India is anathema to them. It is in direct opposition to what they had planned. They seek a One World planet with no national boundaries. No wonder they are becoming unhinged and are lashing out at all things nationalist. To them, Nationalists are the enemy!

What the Globalists can’t understand is that culture matters. I doubt they ever will. They are too wrapped up in their dreams of Utopia to see what is in front of them. They are too devoted to destroying culture and replacing it with homogenized blandness characterized by Social Justice on steroids, to see that real people want an understandable culture that they can call their own.

The more the Globalists attempt to destroy culture, the fiercer the resistance becomes. It is not surprising to me that this is so, but it is a shock to the Globalists.

Social Justice Warriors speak of inclusion, but really mean exclusion; the exclusion of the culture they seek to destroy.

Culture matters! It always has. Those who seek to destroy a culture are forever doomed to fail.

SF Source Oathkeepers Jan 2017

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