Profitable Ways To Make Money Online

make money onlineThe Internet offers many opportunities to be social, shop, and earn a steady income if you so choose. The possibilities are endless. All you need is an idea and a reliable internet connection. If you choose to earn some additional income you can do so from the comfort of your house.

Here are some simple and effective online money-making techniques you can try.


Blogging is perhaps the easiest and most popular way to establish a web presence. Have something to say? Start a blog and get your voice heard. If you’re successful and are able to gather an organic reader base you can monetize your content.

There are numerous platforms and site builders that allow you to create blogs from scratch and upload your content in a matter of minutes.

A second approach to earning money is via freelancing – working as a content provider for an established web-based company. There are numerous companies on the lookout for amateur content creators. Freelancing gives you flexibility in terms of working hours and payments.


Nothing is more empowering than having your own business, be it online or offline. Setting up an enterprise on the virtual platform is both easier, less expensive and less time consuming than setting up a brick and mortar enterprise. Due to the growth and maturity of the internet there are now numerous store-building tools and platforms that let you design your own e-store without having to write a line of code. You don’t have to hire professionals to do the job for you.

A basic and functional e-commerce store involves having an appealing product catalog, shopping cart features, integration with multiple payment gateways and shipping services. Collaborate with established brands like Amazon, eBay or Etsy. That is the easiest way to grow an online business rapidly.

Now even though you can work for free on established platforms e-commerce does require a degree of investment both monetary and otherwise. It’s also possible to hire virtual space to feature ads and earn extra money on the side.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another form of e-commerce where you don’t feature your own products but use your store to display products from other brands, earning revenue from the sales you make. It’s a good money-making option for people who have good business sense but don’t have the capital or resources to build their own brand.

You’ll be at an advantage if you have the technical skills to develop websites, landing pages, sales pages or banner ads. The technical expertise saves you the trouble of having to hire expensive professional web designers. With affiliate marketing you become the connecting link between the brand and prospective clients. You make the sale and the company you’re selling for handles customer service and product shipping.

Survey Sites

The easiest and quickest way to make some money online is filling out survey forms for brands and getting paid to do so. You’d be surprised at the number of companies willing to send out questionnaires and surveys to people from across the world to learn more about market demands and customer preferences.

To qualify you’re typically asked to fill in preliminary details about your location, income, age, and gender. Once you’re accepted you’ll receive a questionnaire. Almost anyone can sign up for these survey sites free of charge and start earning. What’s more, you can even check survey website review sites like SurveyClarity for pertinent info before signing up.


YouTube is the largest video streaming platform online. Content creators and channels are paid by YouTube advertisers for the content they put up. Once you upload a video that gathers a considerable number of views you become visible to brands that approach you directly for partnerships that include endorsing their products in your videos. The more brands you collaborate with, the more you earn.

YouTubers like Superwoman, PewDiePie and others have made a successful career out of making videos and have themselves become online celebrities.

Sell/Rent Products You Own Online

Have a lot of products lying about your home that you just don’t need anymore? Why not sell it or rent it out to people online. There are numerous well-known platforms where you can list products online and find prospective customers.

The process is simple. Take a picture of the item you want to sell, upload it with a short description on eBay or OLX and you have created an ad! Millions of users regularly shop from  Amazon or Etsy and other platforms so it’s fairly easy to find the right customer for your product. What’s more, you clear up clutter around the home, gain additional space and make a profitable deal out of it. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Tutor Online

Another way to earn cash is putting your knowledge to good use. How? Teach kids online. Many high school and college students are turning to the virtual space for help with assignments. You can create help blogs, full-fledged tutorial videos or detailed guides tailor-made for specific curricula, and publish these online. Some teachers also have created interactive YouTube channels where they share knowledge with students and help them through tough assignments. You can also set up an independent website that provides video lessons and interacts directly with students for a more comprehensive learning experience.

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