Accelerated 4D Manifestation

lightMorag – Shout out to cosmic surfers, travelers, healers, teachers, warriors of Gaia. Hold it together folks. Push through the landslide of energetic mud being released globally. This is the draining of the swamp. Light workers existing day to day, moment to moment, as gale force winds of negativity batter us from all sides. If it’s toxic it’s being exposed. Authenticity is the force behind these portals of awakening.

We are no longer seed sowing.  We are reaping what has been sown. Karma operates like lightning, quick and deadly in the fourth dimension. The old rules are gone, where once there was cover, matrix avatars to hide behind, now there is the emergence of stark truth. Who we are, what we are made of is being exposed whether we like it or not. Who others are is also being exposed.

Take evasive action to preserve sanity, safety and security. Do battle when the compromises take too deep a toll. When kindness is persistently viewed as weakness step up and show your teeth. It won’t take much, let them see the warrior beneath.

None of us made it this far by passively accepting the status quo. We got here by being tough, resisting hate programming, surviving fear molding, refusing to be conditioned. And we may well meditate, vote left, speak of peace, spaceships, solar systems and zen frequencies. But don’t underestimate us, we are made of steel beneath. We have been targeted as free thinkers from the beginning.

Few lightworkers speak of idyllic childhoods. We chose to clear ancestral, global, individual karma to heal the world. We accepted specific missions in a grand coordinated, long predicted and awaited planetary ascension. We are here to raise the vibrations from hate to love, fear to peace, dark to light.

The fourth realm has accelerated karmic manifestation beyond anything imaginable in the third dimension. It’s instant here. Test it. Change your mood on your commute and see what happens. At the snap of our fingers our momentary experiences can set in motion the coming hours, day, weeks or even years. Tread carefully.

Karma can be a tricky customer. Stand well back when she comes a calling for toxic people, it can get messy. Create space for emotional responses, do not deny yourself human feelings. Anger when insulted. Pain when hurt. Aggression when threatened. The emotional spectrum of being human, real, is one of the reasons human lifetimes are so loaded with positive karmic potential.

The longer term story arcs of our lives, karmic timelines, are being etched into space and time. Fear of the light has gripped the hearts of many people whose life choices are service to self. They are imploding, malfunctioning, desperate, spiraling out of control. Their world has changed and they want to go back. They reject as evil all that is love, joy, peace and light (I know, ironic isn’t it).

Spiritual confidence infuriates and terrifies them at once. They are energy vampires, narcissists, predators and parasites. We all have them in our lives. Where once they were the ones pointing at us, declaring us dysfunctional, now we point at them. Light exposes their manipulative, deceitful, back stabbing, idea stealing, drama queen behavior. Soon the tide will have turned. The camouflage of the sociopath doesn’t work so well in higher vibratory realms.

Accelerated 4D manifestation will level the playing field as we move towards 2020. Those who spout toxic fumes at the rest of us are receiving the same back tenfold. Use all spiritual tools in your kit, breathwork, mantras, magic and meditation to retain or regain balance, composure, clarity and inner calm. By staying close to our heart, we can navigate our way through the traps set by negative people. Setting boundaries is difficult for many empaths and lightworkers. Our compassion causes us to resist standing up to or hurting those we love when they abuse, neglect, manipulate or intimidate us. We are the fixers. We were the fixers. Now we are warriors.

Now we step into our power friends. Draw some clear lines in the sand. Speak simply and slowly when breaking negative relationship cycles. Pay attention to their use of pronouns. Call them out each time they push the focus back onto you. Ultimately if people are unwilling or unable to develop empathy they will recede from our lives.

The timelines are all over the place, some are evaporating entirely. The dark spells cast to control us are failing. AI can be played, the algorithms rigid, glitched by creativity, lateral thinking, positive vibrations. Take it one day at a time beautiful people. Self care is key to surviving the current energetic gateway transitions. Listen to your gut when treading the fine line between setting boundaries, going too far or compromising your sovereignty.

Each moment we can change anything we want. We are the architects not just the gamers now. We write the coding for our lives. We set the algorithms by our thoughts and actions. We can turn the dial up or down. Know you’re not alone if you are experiencing unprovoked attacks. Know your guides, higher self and soul tribe have your back. Get out of the ego and back into the heart each time you are knocked off zen balance.

Manifest wisely, meditate for guidance and peace of mind.

Sending love and light out to all who are still holding the torch high for Peace on Earth.

SF Source IN5D Jan 2019

8 thoughts on “Accelerated 4D Manifestation

  1. Very good article, however good or bad is not determin d by a political party. Do you know that often when the Left wants change they resort to low vibration tactics? The Right wingers,especially fundamentalists do as well -with words, harsh judgment s, etc. stepping out of imposed, enslaved matrix means going above all separatist party politics. All humans have a right to free speech and thought but, not to where words and actions ever harm or judge another. We all like to think our thoughts are right; our egos convince us it must be this way all the time, but our Higher Selves know better and this is what awakening to a higher dimension will require not judgment of human-made political party against another. This political drama business is created for the global elite to get us to hate each other- don’t fall for it. The government is creating more chaos because they have a big plan coming our way, years ahead are going to get ugly and they have to make sure we are divided to be conquered and subdued. Turn off you TVs or throw them out— these so-called entertainment devices is how THey program the behaviors they want from us— brainwashing with fake news to cause civil unrest. Keep in mind, when just dying others in political belief systems, etc you are lowering your vibration and therefore, cannot shift to the higher dimensions upon passing— you will be stuck in the recycle mode iof karma and on to an earth that you won’t want to inhabit later. We all, me included, need to b careful of our ego and it’s thoughts as we are hopefully transitioning to higher levels. Politics and other decisive are created to keep us fighting among each other— meaning, nobody wins but rose in power ( dark powers behind the puppet president at the moment)

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful response. This site is one of my daily reads. I think these type of posts help people that are awakening to see the disconnect between some in the spiritual and political realms.

  3. Chuckle of the day

    “And we may well meditate, vote left, speak of peace, spaceships, solar systems and zen frequencies. “

    Vote left? That’s like voting for the status quo globalist swamp in most situations. How about vote truth and anti-globalist garbage? If you need a simple test just vote for those who are challenging and draining the swamp – not the ones who are howling like crazy people and screaming Russia Russia Russia.

    1. Haha, Kevin, I feel the same! I’ve stopped reading a lot of lightworker/spiritual blogs for this exact thing. What will these people do when all truths are exposed?

      1. Brigitte, great question! I wonder about it myself. The brainwashing from both the “New Age” movement and the lame stream media is potent. God willing these individuals will have enough TRUTH within themselves to rise above the matrix entrainment program that has gripped their minds. -g

    2. Thanks for drawing attention to the leftist bias in what is otherwise an excellent article.

      I go back and forth re posting these articles due to usually the presence of one or two “off” sentences. Hopefully, as frequencies rise, so will the attitudes and beliefs of individuals who are genuinely interested in right action (despite the “leftist” slant.) -g

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