The Paradox Of The Illuminati

IlluminatiEyeHere we are ready to welcome in 2015 and the amount of fear being spread in our world seems to be at an all-time high! Humanity is quickly evolving and many people are waking up, we are in the midst of a most exciting time in our evolution!

One topic that I see and read very often is of the Illuminati, or the social Elite or the ruling class, whatever you wish to “label” them. I continue to read how evil these people are and there lies a very important paradox in understanding the Illuminati. We are coming into a period of existence where humanity is starting to really understand itself and how reality truly works as Quantum physics becomes ever increasingly popular and understood.

Now the principles and concepts are nothing new, just a larger scale of the population are starting to truly comprehend what it all means. Thousands of years ago highly conscious beings told us, we are creators of our reality, we are the way, we are all enlightened beings, the universe is within us, the list goes on what these enlightened masters were trying to say to us yet some just chose not to understand this and thus experience life in a way to help them wake up.

Here we are about to ring in 2015 and it seems a highly debated topic is of the Illuminati or social Elite. I read one particular post here at CE that suggested we love even the Illuminati/social elite/ruling class and all hell broke loose in the comment section. Many people posted how they will no longer be subscribing or reading CE and other commenters posted that showing any sort of love towards the elite is sickening or even being evil. Here in fact lies the paradox.

Ask yourself why is our world in the shape it is in today? The answer, is the lack of love shown by humanity towards humanity. For all those people that say showing love towards the elite is disgusting, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are just a reflection of the social elites lack of love towards ALL of humanity. We are in the state we are today in this world because of the lack of humanity shown by the elite, so showing the elite this same kind of humanity is actually mirroring exactly what the elite have done for countless centuries.

Conditional love got us to where we are today, only unconditional love can set you free. The more people that truly understand the paradox here and bust free of conditional love, will help bring down the social elite and the way the world is today! You see the paradox is to understand love and how limiting love is what got us in this position in the first place, so continuing to love conditionally will only hurt more and bring more of what is already here.

When all is said and done and understood, to me all of life is an illusion (once again enlightened masters of our perceived past always said this, reality is just an illusion) and reality is merely an act or play of consciousness and right now the Illuminati seems to be in many peoples consciousness as they work their way to self responsibility and self empowerment. Remember you are as powerful and meaningful as anyone in this world, believing you are not and giving that power away to others, will result in finding someone to blame for YOUR life!

When you understand the paradox in anything, you will then understand your true power you possess and can turn off the giving of your power away!

RandyAbout the author: Randy A Browse all posts by Randy A I am passionate about many aspects of life that we as individuals and as a collective are just coming to remember and understand. Having experienced many aspects to the ego structure, I enjoy reading and learning about the true nature of who we are. I’ve always enjoyed asking myself the question, “Who Am I?” and discovering this through my own experiences and not just taking someone else’s word for it. Self discovery is the key to unlocking the great mysteries of life!

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2 thoughts on “The Paradox Of The Illuminati

  1. Gillian, thank you for sharing this as I find the concepts herein personally resonant. The briefest of historical study offers the same paradox… the human race is obviously on forward track yet we appear to need centuries for growth.

    Great spiritual teachers have appeared over eons and their ‘lessons’ do truly seem to affect humanities’ ability to move up notches on the enlightenment scale much like the ‘two steps forward and one back’ paradigm so at best we manage a step forward yet the situations begs the question…why not MANY steps forward and what holds us back?

    As this author intimates, quantum physics may hold answers from a purely energetic standpoint especially in view of the energetic power of thought and the role that emotion plays in short-circuiting even the noblest intentions.

    The concept of forgiveness as a thought-process of ‘compassion for the perpetrator’ generally elicits strong emotional reaction in a judgmental world that demands punishment for wrong-doing and a championing of compassion for ‘evil-doers’ would require an incredible leap of faith, implementation of which would obviously require a total ‘re-wiring’ of thinking on the subject.

    I have no quick answers…but I truly feel that humanity may be capable of phenomenal movement forward on the enlightenment scale if we can scale some walls in our present thinking.

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