What’s the Real Cost of A Dissertation?

Chair CommitteeA dissertation or thesis is the document you  submit to obtain a advanced doctoral degree. Experts at https://customessayorder.com/ state this advanced thesis depends on completion of prior professional qualifications, typically consisting of in-depth research in the form of a statistically-based experiment or research project.

Your findings become the basis for a number of chapters in the dissertation, which must be carefully constructed based on university guidelines provided by the lead professor on your doctoral committee. The required quality or complexity of the dissertation varies from country to country and university to university.

Due to variations in requirements for ghostwriting a dissertation costs typically vary from from company to company. Some might charge on a page by page basis, which tends to become quite expensive. Others will determine price based on your entire project and offer ghost writing services at reasonable costs. It’s best to put energy and effort into locating the best company for your specific needs as this pays dividends in the long run.  In addition, you should be aware of the following as these factors also play a role in determining the final cost of your dissertation or advanced thesis.

Dissertations must be original, not plagiarized

Due to increased technical availability professors can check dissertations for originality. If sections are found to have been plagiarized it is usually an immediate red flag that will likely get you expelled without attaining your final degree.

Unfortunately many companies that advertise dissertation services tend to provide plagiarized papers. In addition, due to the complexity of the task and the specificity of topic few services have the skill sets at hand to insure that your work is both original and free of plagiarized passages. It is therefore imperative that you get feedback from the company you’re thinking of hiring regarding the level of expertise of the staff member who will be assigned your dissertation. If the individual has extensive knowledge in your field that is a definite plus.  Obviously there will be increased costs involved if you’re able to negotiate with a service that has staff equipped to handle your specific dissertation needs.

Subject matter complexity is a major factor in pricing

Dissertations run the gamut from fairly simple (e.g. education, social studies, languages) to highly complex (psychology, mathematics, science, technology). Pricing is typically based on the simplicity or complexity of the task at hand. Once your topic is approved and you’ve received the discipline-specific project requirements it is of utmost importance that you share this information with the ghost writer, who can then determine a fair price. The more detailed your requirements the more likely that you’ll get a quote that is very close to the final project cost.

Number of pages is a major factor in pricing

Most dissertations run between 100-250 pages. Master’s level theses typically run between 60-100 pages. Your research and topic will determine the length of pages required to get a passing grade. If you cannot determine the number of pages ahead of time it’s best to get examples from papers that have been submitted by others in your discipline and average the number of pages from a review of what’s already proved to be of satisfactory length. Another approach is to speak to your Committee supervisor re expectations as well as the ghost writer to determine number of pages.

Time-limits and deadlines

The more input you provide the ghost writer the more likely it is that you will be satisfied with the outcome. Obviously, the more time you can provide to complete the task the more likely it is that you will get a reduced price. If you expect to have you dissertation completely in a week you can expect to pay $1,500 or more for the project. However, that same project might be billed for $1,000 or less if you provide sufficient time for completion.

The more time you provide the likelihood of you being pleased with the outcome increases.  This is because the individual is able to work within a reasonable time frame and check their work for quality. The higher the quality the more likely it is that it will pass scrutiny by your doctoral committee.  If, for some reason, you are really pushed for time due to conditions that are not under your control (e.g., lab results or tests not turned in to you on time), then it’s best to ask you Committee Chair for a time extension so that you can complete the project satisfactorily, both in terms of affordability and quality.

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