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As we observe your journey toward ascension, what we see as the fast track to accelerate your ascension is acceptance ~ acceptance of your true identity, your Divine Self. For when you know who you are, endowed with the priceless gifts of Divine creation to create the life that fills you with joy, you are unstoppable and no obstacle can stand in your way. – The Council of Ascended Masters

timeSharon – Just as the acceptance of your true identity will create victory in every area of your life, so has the non-acceptance of your true essence created all the problems in your life. We will take it a step further: non-acceptance of humanity’s Divine Self has caused every problem on Earth today.  We say this without any exaggeration. For ever since what has been called the fall of humanity, when you first individuated out of the heart of Source and began your own evolutionary journey, you felt separate from Mother-Father Source, and felt alone and abandoned.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth as you are always and forever One with the Presence of the Divine within you, for it is your very essence, which eternally connects you with Mother-Father God. Each of you are the cherished beloved son or daughter of the Creator fully equipped with the same creation abilities as Divine Source so you can create infinite abundance, joy and freedom in every area of your life.

Nevertheless, this perceived separation from your Creator when you each moved into your own evolutionary journey, is when your ego mind was created as an attempt to keep you safe, and your mind began recording and keeping track of everything you were fearful of or any situations that might threaten your survival, such as moving forward into the future. Since the ego mind has no ability to create anything new, it kept perpetuating the old thoughts and beliefs of limitation that has kept humans living in the old limited way and fearful of any changes or new ways ever since. It perceived its job to keep you in the status quo, which perpetuated the same limited situations being repeated over and over again, keeping you in a constant state of limitation.

And over eons of time, humans began to listen to the voice of the ego, thinking it was truth, rather than the still small voice of the Divine Presence, which eroded self confidence and trust in the Supreme Creator Source within and forgetting their true identity and magnificent heritage as children, offspring of Mother-Father God.

Even though this state of fear and limitation began eons ago, this state of limitation is continuing to this day. It has created all the fear of change, moving forward, doubt, anger, jealousy, conflict, abuse, violence, lack, poverty, crime, greed, murder, war and every manner of inhumane aggressive behavior as well as victimhood to the max. This is the result of not knowing who you are and identifying with the limited ego self, which is just a collection of all your fears and failures from the past, rather than remembering you are the beloved son or daughter of God blessed with the abilities to create a life of joy.

This is the time of the Great Awakening and the Great Ascension, which starts with reclaiming your true identity, and accepting your Divine inheritance of the ability to create a life of freedom, abundance and joy as your inherent God-given gifts to focus your thoughts and feelings on what you want to be, do and have ~ rather than following the voice of your false ego self, that is in a constant state of fear, doubt, worry and lack focusing on what you DON’T want.

This is the time to awaken to your True Identity as an aspect of Divine Source and accept your God-given abilities to create a life of peace, joy, abundance and freedom.

This new year will be filled with many changes, and all changes, without exception, are opportunities to break out of the state of limitation and accept your true identity, so you can reclaim your True Self, and your freedom to use your God-given gifts of your thoughts and feelings as the powerful sovereign sons or daughters of Divine Creator Source and actualize your own Divine Blueprint to walk the Earth as a Living Master, free to create the  life of your choosing, instead of living a life repeating the past that keeps you enslaved and feeling like a victim.

As you accept your true identity and reclaim your True Self, then you remember why you have chosen to come to Earth at this auspicious time of the Great Ascension and the contribution only you can make. You recognize why you are passionate about certain things in society needing to change and very clear about what you see is no longer working ~ whether it is in the area of relationships, family, community, health, business, the media, the economy or the government. Then you begin to awaken to your larger life’s purpose, your mission, to not only awaken and accept your true identity as a unique expression of the Divine Presence embodied, as well as assist humanity awakening to their Divine Self that awakens the world.

For as each of you awakens into your true identity and Divine mission, you begin to offer your unique contribution to create a new Earth and a new Golden Age of Freedom. This is the process of Ascension.

And the greatest call of the hour is to awaken humanity into the acceptance of their true identity, so they can begin creating lives of joy, rather than creating more conflict, violence and destruction or the pain and suffering of victimhood from the limited beliefs of the ego.

We are putting forth a clarion call to step forward and be an awakener of humanity. It all begins with awakening the ones in your sphere of influence to their true identity as a cherished, beloved son or daughter of the Supreme Creator Source.

All your spiritual and religious traditions have this awareness at its core, now discovered by quantum physics and science. Many know this in their heart and soul and are just waiting to have it confirmed so they can learn how to create their life anew from their Divine Self.

Imagine everyone knowing, accepting and living from their True Self. It would automatically eliminate all feelings of lack, fear and self-doubt, for everyone would know their magnificent heritage as the beloved children of the Most High and that they have come fully equipped to create a life of peace, success, love, abundance, joy and freedom.

This is the wondrous new world you are creating as your awaken others to their true identity and acceptance of their True Self, the ever-present Divine within them. There is no greater service than this.

To assist you in awakening humanity to their true identity and their True Divine Self, we have created a 3-month online Ascension Coaching Certification Training complete with Ascension Coaching Exercises covering all areas of life.  We invite you to participate.

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  1. I liked this article but am aware that many sages argue against attempting to change the world….Ramana Maharshi,Nisargadatta Maharaj to name just 2……

    Hard to know who is right and just how deceptive the ego can be

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