Using Rational Thinking Concerning Psychopaths is not Logical

researchJames Gilliland – We are seeing false icons fall in all walks of life. We are truly living in a world of opposites. People being exposed on the highest levels in politics, the movie, music and business industries of ungodly actions to say the least.

We are watching a total implosion of the democratic party in its death throws, lashing out with accusations without merit mainly due to the fact that the majority of it has deep ties with the deep state. Some of these extracurricular activities include satanic worship, child sacrifice, pedophilia, money laundering and extreme bribes, pay to play. The corruption became so abhorrent it is taking the military to clean it up. That is the basis behind the last presidential decree declaring a State of Emergency and the right to secure the assets of the extremely corrupt.

As even a blind man/woman can see those entrusted to protect and serve within the system on the highest levels only protect and serve themselves. The agencies have not been carrying out their mandates, they’ve been serving the few not the many. This is going to change and I hope the socially CNN programmed and the ignorant will see the contradiction, the hypocrisy, the sense of entitlement wake up and smell the coffee. Things are not going to go their way. There is a much bigger plan unfolding and it is coming on high.

This is where the psychopaths come in. If they had their way and the democrats won the election – by using the woman, race card, give-away programs, going along business as usual – America would end up in social and economic collapse. They were fast-tracking to WW3.

They are the beast or servants of the beast. Even if it means their own demise. I find it incredulous – almost unbelievable – that people still demand we continue on the same path, some for the sole reason of having a woman in the White House.

Do research into the woman you hold on your pedestal. Some of the other women especially those screaming the loudest, have the most to lose by being exposed as to some of their despicable behavior and I must say it was not motherly.

I would also do some research into the last African American in the white house. He actually still thinks he is president. He was African not American self-admitted and what he will be charged with will be unbelievable. They have both sold out the people they represent and are responsible for the pain, suffering and death of thousands if only by withholding the funds earmarked to help disaster victims not to mention creating and arming our enemies.

This race card division game needs to end. We need to stop judging people by their gender or their color but by their consciousness, their actions and track record of service to humanity and the Earth. There cannot be double standards. Either you are creating heaven on Earth and adhering to Universal Law or you are not despite the slick rhetoric.

Have you ever noticed most of these dark hearts never answer a straight question? They evade the question, project it on someone else then attack the credibility or character of the one asking the question. Have you noticed the vast majority of their accusations and information turn out to have no merit, no evidence yet people continue to believe them if it fits their agenda? Have you noticed the ones making the most and loudest accusations end up falling upon their own swords? They have to the extreme done what they accuse others of doing.

In the days to come we are going to get answers and ring side seats of what is behind the curtain. When the curtain is pulled back belief systems will be turned upside down. What many thought was happening may very well be the opposite. That is when the healing will come and we are going to have to have compassion for those misinformed and misled. This does not mean a reality check is not in order.

Although I tossed my TV out eons ago what I am seeing on the internet fills my heart with great admiration. They are far and few between in the lame stream media. They are mostly found at alternative media and though some find it hard to believe Fox News. They deal with facts and research while the others seem to deal with a controlled narrative furnished by the deep state. Watch The View – a sad example and embarrassment to womanhood.

The women filled with hate towards men have missed the real issue and when they project that hate how can they expect love in return? That is really what they are crying out for. You can’t force or demand love. If you fit into this category you also can’t continue to deny the fact that it was lack of love that formed your present belief system.

We can’t hide the wounds or fix them externally. We can only heal ourselves from within. One cannot march for peace if you are not at peace, war on hate expecting to win anything other than more hate. Be a victim without expecting to be victimized. Hateful, vengeful wounded women with a following create what? Not my idea of heaven. It all boils down to personal responsibility, personal healing, working internally verses externally. When your internal healing is done then you can work on the external. It is the only way out.

So, you powerful ladies out there why not help your fellow women out. Ask them what happened? What happened to make them so angry and bitter? Ask them what they need to heal. Ask them why they gave up something so beautiful, the loving, joyous wise nurturing energy of which they are masters. It is the source of their power. Bitterness and “againstness” are not the sought-after gifts of a woman.

If I pushed some buttons, provoked some thought I did it out of love and service. One thing I do know however is they are not my buttons and just who is defending them, and why? I also know the buttons are not real. Enjoy the illusion. I am hoping I never have to write another article like this in the coming new year. Let’s make Atlantis and Lemuria great again.

Be well and enjoy the new year, it’s going to be quite a show. Fourth of July will come early.

James Gilliland

SF Source Dec 2017

7 thoughts on “Using Rational Thinking Concerning Psychopaths is not Logical

  1. It’s such a tough moment. I don’t believe many women are ready to get a handle on how depraved the ruling families have been for more than centuries. Rather than accept the world had been sinister and can be corrected, it is far easier to hope none of the mentioned crimes against children ever happen. Once it is public, you can count on women for the tsunami of love and emotion and protection of their children to change reality as we know it. It is who we are. The lies and control have nearly submerged who the fake ruling families really are. I say fake because they are not the true creators who are lined up to benevolence for all that exists but have settled for the material world and it’s controllers by default. The emotion is surfacing and that’s the beautiful part of the anger. Soon truth will be undeniable and the me too movement will be seen as simply a low lying branch to the creatorship both men and women will reclaim. We need a tsunami to create the perfected world in the dominion of love.

  2. Omg what a bunch of hogwash! Take off your tin foil hat and learn about the Republicans, learn about women, learn about Obama. You are so far from reality it hurts. You attack women, demean a true statesman and you have the audacity to think your opinion has some merit!

  3. I was born in America in 1941. I have felt that I “came in” at the start of WWII in order to experience the war (via my parents), and then “Women’s Lib” in the ’60-70’s. I never considered myself a Feminist, rather a “Humanist,” in the sense of eradicating the second-class status of women while celebrating different-but-equal.

    I too have watched with sadness the de-volvement of the “women’s movement” into the extremes we now see.

    Jung introduced the word “enantiodromia,” found in only a few dictionaries and usually now with watered-down meaning. It originally referred to the process of striving so hard to achieve a certain effect that the opposite is actually achieved – in this case, striving so hard for acceptance that rejection and marginalization is achieved. Using the tool of non-acceptance doesn’t result in acceptance. Never has worked. Doesn’t work now.

    As an old woman, I resonate with James Gilliland’s comments. I believe that as the icons and idols (e.g. HRC) fall, more women will see their way clear to balance, and, importantly, more girls will grow into a balanced outlook and fulfilled personal meaning.

  4. Are you kidding about helping our fellow women out? I’ve tried. They take on the exact psychopaths of the psychopaths they are defending… Like you said, “They evade the question, project it on someone else then attack the credibility or character of the one asking the question.”

    So I will just sit back and enjoy the early Fourth of July… sadly.

    1. Happy New Year!

      Hi Donna, it is pretty amazing, the degree to which Democrat/Progressive women seem mind controlled. I can only assume it is due to reading all the brain washing from the mainstream miasma that has masqueraded as “fact” and “truth” for most of the 50’s generation’s lifetimes. The Mockingbird CIA agenda is at least 60 years old – long enough to have thoroughly ensnared the “intelligentsia” that considered itself “liberal.” Hard to accept that what you’ve believed to be “gospel” truth your entire life was a mind game being played – and you fell for it.

      With what’s coming this year I don’t think they will be able to run and hide any longer. The cold truth of the Deep State op is about to be unveiled by Donald Trump. He signed off on a BRILLIANT Executive Order, one that has not only Americans but criminals around the world in shock.

      My need for JUSTICE consists of a list way too long to place here. However, there are a choice few – Clinton, Bush, Soros, Obama, Jarrett, Holder, Lynch, Rice, Pelosi, Feinstein, Wasserman Schultz, Schumer, McCain – who, if tried and convicted, would assuage the wound and feel satisfying. -g

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