An Essay on Sandy Hook

Since I wrote the following essay, I have confronted [name deleted], embalmer of several Sandy Hook “victims”. I told him to not fear the Connecticut Mafia, and that he should come forward with the truth. Inches from my face he screamed at me,”not the Connecticut Mafia, the ITALIAN mafia”.

Yes, it is my opinion that organized crime paid a huge role in pulling off the Sandy Hook Hoax. Also, in 2015, when I dropped off this essay at the offices of Catholic Bishop Tobin in Providence, he called the Rhode Island State Police, who then called to interrogate me.

Here is a slightly updated version of the essay. – M Crowley

sandy hookMaureen Crowley – The powerful conglomeration of interests that tried to pull off the events in Sandy Hook, Connecticut on December 14, 2012, must have realized the visual power of television. The images of beautiful children were where all emphasis was directed. Their pristine pictures, their stories of animals, cowgirl boots, and artistry were shown for days on TV.

But there was a sort of doom to the whole scam in that most parents are intuitive about how devastated such people would act in real life. Many thought it was quite the fluke with Robbie Parker being accidentally filmed grinning and joking, then taking several breaths to speak. But was it also a fluke that for two weeks following the event the media circulated a picture of an unrelated girl, Lily Gaubert, that was initially preferred as Sandy Hook victim Madeleine Hsu, then labeled as victim Allison Wyatt? And later on, how is it that the picture of “victim” Noah Pozner, later appeared as a victim of the Peshawar, Pakistan school shooting, with the Urdu name Huzaifa Huxaifa affixed to the picture?

Who on earth originally would have reason to not trust the heads of a state police department. or in their wildest dreams believe these law enforcement officers would be integral in taking a TOPOFF (stands for top official) Capstone Drill, and passing it off as a mass casualty event? It seemed inconceivable they were utilizing the federal agencies of DHS, FBI, FEMA, etc. for a massive fraud that also made use of, in my opinion, organized crime in Connecticut, to implement a massive agenda, of which gun control was but one component?

Who would have suspected the complicity of CNN? But the story unraveled, and for asking 16 very respectful questions about the event, (including no calls for Life Star Helicopters, paramedics signing affidavits that they were turned away from the school, and zero dash cam footage of the evacuation of 468 students) Sandy Hook researcher and retired  Florida Safe School Commissioner appointed by former Governor Jeb Gov. Bush, Wolfgang Halbig, got threatened at his own home in Florida, at the behest of Conn. State Police, not once but twice. His wife has been threatened where she works. New York resident Jonathan Reich was arrested and hit with a $50,000 bond for legitimately asking questions of Connecticut medical examiner Wayne Carver, as to how bill 1054 got passed in Ct. in 2011- that prohibited autopsies of juvenile murder victims from being made public.

A school teacher in NY, Adam Heller, who legally purchased a firearm, was met at his home by seven policemen, then tossed into a mental institution. He lost his job for questioning Sandy Hook.  Connecticut State Police Major William Podgorski-a lead investigator into Sandy Hook- who was privy to extensive FBI redaction of documents, received minor surgery, then was transferred from Bristol Hospital to Yale’s New Haven facility. 49 years old and the father of three children, Major Podgorski shockingly died, and  there was NO mention whatsoever in Connecticut mass media, of his connection to the investigation of Sandy Hook, or his cause of death.

My discus account has been blocked from commenting on the New Haven Register page about his death. Many participants in the scam have retired, as well. The school is sawdust, with construction workers employed in its demolition forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. No footage whatsoever of “Adam” on the newly acquired school security system.  Columbine is still intact, and there’s plenty of video footage of shooters Klebold and Harris.

I will also point out that there are tweeted pictures of Danbury Fire fighters, police cars, and fire engines filling up the parking lot of the firehouse (several feet away from Sandy Hook Elementary School)  tweeted at 9:13 AM.- yet “Adam Lanza” according to the official report, did not arrive at the school until 9:30, with calls for ambulances going right up until 10:05. There are even reports of the media filling up the very large local ball park, Treadwell Memorial, (around the corner from the firehouse on Philo Curtis Rd.) as early as 7 A.M.!

I know of a prominent attorney who at first thought MK Ultra was at play concerning Adam Lanza. As he researched this, he changed his mind. The reasons I myself do not believe he existed include

1. His eye color changed throughout pictures.

2.Kateleen Foy was responsible for all photo shopping of him

3.The funeral home in New Hampshire furnished the Social Security Death Index , (SSDI) with a December 13th date of death of Adam

4. Yogananda Street neighbor Gina McDade, who claimed that her children played with the Lanza’s when they were small, said the Lanzas had a pool. They did not, yet the Trentacosta home next door to the Lanzas did. McDade is extremely active in gun control.

5. The yearbook pictures of “Adam” show an outdated “Peter Tork” hairstyle, with outdated pocket protector and button down collar shirt. (incidentally the official report listed “Adam” as being 6 feet tall, 112 pounds, and wearing a size 8 and a half shoe) It is only a guess on my part, but I say the pics could be of father Peter.

6.With so many examples of pre-knowledge of the event, not just cached, but published: “Committee on Psychiatric Dimensions of Disasters dated 12/12, United Way 12/11, Arlington Red Devils 12/13,  Newtown Bee 12/13, Ametrano video Nov. 2013, Soto Facebook page 12/10, (Yes, I realize FB pages can be recycled), it is unlikely that there was an “Adam” who would neatly make his bed before shooting Mom and 26 others.

7. At 36 Yogananda Street, an AAA membership card, with Adam’s name on it, was registered to Ryan. The videotapes there have Ryan’s name on it. I also do not believe anyone was actually living in that house, that conveniently displayed the “Lets go shooting” card from Peter Lanza, with guns strewn here, there, everywhere, a drawer full of brand new, unworn socks of Nancy’s, toilet water so low that the house’s water was likely shut off,  4 shots above Nancy’s left eye, yet a spotless bedroom wall, and lots of first responder vehicles parked in the driveway of the next door neighbor, a New York Federal Reserve board member, head of Newtown Savings Bank (which co-ordinated donations for the United Way – remember the 12/11 pre knowledge posting) board member John Trentacosta, who I was told by a woman walking on Yogananda Street, also has a house in Providence, RI – a hub of organized crime.

Yes, Adam’s name appeared on some documents, but mostly ones generated by the state of Connecticut, which was invested in pulling off the hoax, as the docs could easily have been altered, imo. His name did not appear on public records, as did the names of Ryan, Peter and Nancy.

Early on, in one of the first newscasts we saw, was a Yogananda St. neighbor in a baseball cap who said that nobody he knew even knew of the Lanzas, which he thought to be unusual. Recently, it was revealed that “Adam” never attended Western Ct. State University after all.

“Bystander” Victoria Munoz, who claimed to be a friend of Nancy Lanza, and had gone to Boston with her, could not even answer as to what Nancy did for a living. We then find out that she had performed her poetry at a place known as The Buttonwood Tree in Middletown, Ct., the same place that SH parent Jimmie Greene, performed Jazz at his last event before Sandy Hook happened.

In fact, Greene’s performing schedule eliminated any performances from mid December to late January, at which time he did a jazz cruise- only six weeks after his daughter supposedly was killed. Another “bystander” Anne Haddad, had one of her past addresses listed as the location of a bar in Port Chester, New York, where supposed Sandy Hook Elementary School teacher Kaitlin Roig is pictured wearing the bar’s t-shirt. How is that a “coincidence”? I’m told Port Chester contains many in organized crime.

We’ve never seen a wedding picture of the Lanzas, nor had a single couple come forward to say they went to dinner  with the couple in years past, nor seen any pictures with all “four” Lanzas, nor a single picture of Christmas with the  grandparents and children. Incidentally, the spokesman for Peter Lanza is Errol Cockfield, a former Elliot Spitzer employee and Hartford Courant reporter, who supposedly was interviewed by Andrew Solomon of The New Yorker- the son of Howard Solomon, the former CEO of pharmaceutical giant Forest Laboratories.

Indeed, we see the heavy hand of psychiatry on the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission. This powerful committee counts as its members, three psychiatrists from Hartford’s Institute of Living, the institution that years ago gave a pass to pedophile priest Rev. John J. Geoghan. Adrienne Bentman, one of these psychiatrists on the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, received a zero down payment house in West Hartford.

Re: The Hartford Courant: We were told one of its reporters, Bill Leukardt, is the stepfather of a teacher we are told is deceased, Lauren Rousseau. Leukardt says he wrote Lauren’s name on a piece of paper, on 12/14, and handed it to a co-worker headed for Newtown. In contrast, we are then told he learned of Lauren’s death while at home.

To look at the pedophile priest history of Newtown, consider Father Castaldo referenced above, a convicted pedophile priest. (FOX News personality and former Prosecutor Jeannine Pirro had thankfully helped create the sting operation to arrest him. Here is a direct quote from her from 2001:

“Pirro said that in online conversations during April and May, Castaldo said he was a gym teacher, gave out his phone number and described the explicit sexual activity he wanted to engage in to an undercover agent posing as a 14 year old boy”.

Castaldo was at St. Rose of Lima, Newtown in 1999. And if these Newtown children we have seen in multiple videos were coached to lie, it is frightening considering the implications of the way the most innocent among us are treated in the hellhole, “Truman Show” of a town.

Revelations of a private air strip, as well as a clipboard photographed from the official records from the school saying “Tunnel Entrance” may contribute to reasons for the investigation by the FBI, of a current pedophile ring stretching from Maine to Florida, with the towns of Avon, Wethersfield, and yes, Newtown currently under investigation, according to a child advocate I trust. This quote is directly from the FBI’s web site dated February 13 2013.

“David B. Fein, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, announced that EDWARD F. WILSON, 29, of Newtown, pleaded guilty today before United States Magistrate Judge Thomas P. Smith in Hartford to one count of production of child pornography.

According to court documents and statements made in court, in approximately 2011 and 2012, WILSON sexually abused a female child, filmed and photographed the abuse with an iPhone, and maintained the videos and images on his home computer. The victim was approximately 4 years old at the time of the abuse……..”

I might note that an FBI agent not authorized to be in Sandy Hook that day, and considered the source for so much early “disinformation,”  was fired from his job. Newtown also was the location of a branch of the Church of Satan, founded by Anton LaVey, and Connecticut was the state in which a woman named Linda Weigand testified to Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) performed on her sons Jonathan and Ben, as investigated by the late FBI agent Ted Gunderson. Yet it was the Hartford Courant which painted Weigand as a liar as she tried valiantly to gain custody of her sons. Perhaps bill 1054, demanded by Wayne Carver,  also prevented this SRA manner of death of a child from ever seeing the light of day.

Please pray for truth to prevail, to get disseminated, to enlighten, and justice to replace deceit. Pray for seekers of the truth about Sandy Hook, who are brutally excoriated on Facebook sites, even to the point of some people having their family pictures with names and addresses posted, as well as targeting those Sandy Hook truth seekers who HAVE lost a child!

One Sandy Hook researcher who tragically lost an infant son in 2011, was told by a wretched individual, (possibly a paid shill) that he would “pi$$ on the grave of his dead son”. I’d like to think that the White House is not directing the fear campaign because of their stance on gun control, but I cannot be sure.

The vindictiveness is unprecedented, and the truth needs to set America free. Get involved. Today.

Maureen Crowley was born in New Britain Ct. attended local schools, and graduated from Central Ct. State University. A community news reporter and piano teacher, around 2004 she began her first of 12 years of letters to the President, as she enclosed an article about children in Voluntown, Ct. sending coffee to troops in Afghanistan. A personal letter came back from Crawford, Texas and she continued writing, and to Congress also. When her provocative letters to President Obama got noticed by the late Bob Grant, she became a regular invited guest on his WABC New York radio program, “The Bob Grant Show”. Initially, she believed the official narrative of Sandy Hook, but after much research, she concluded it was not what the government and media told the world it was. She continues to be active along side Wolfgang Halbig and many ardent researchers in getting the truth of the events of 12/14/12 in Newtown, Ct. exposed.

SF Source Memory Hole August 2016

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3 thoughts on “An Essay on Sandy Hook

  1. A beautiful compilation of compelling evidence and personal thoughts. Sandy Hook is one of the more stand out events, given the age of the victims and the media fixation on it, even still. But it was wedged in between the Aurora theater shooting, Boston Marathon bombing and other similar attacks. I’ve lost track of the chronology.

    I’ve wondered whether Sandy Hook would have even taken place were, by some natural or other cause the media to have been offline and unable to transmit that week. I wonder because, if these events are fabricated to some degree that indicates purposes of propaganda. The media is the voice of propaganda. Considering how many people judge the media to be a net negative these days, how much longer before we rise up and shut them down?

    Your work on this and related issues has always been professional and fruitful. I pray that you’ll get the answers you, and I seek.

  2. Blessings on you for your brave and good work. This government-designed hoax must be completely revealed, someday — no doubt, after Obama and most of our current Media millionaires have been replaced.

  3. I am not sure exactly why, but my intuition, 6th sense, kicked in when I learned Bruce aka Caitlyn Jenner is a graduate of Newton High!
    Stepford City, USA.

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