Secrets of Successful Salespeople

successful salesWhen it comes to people who are great at selling a product or service, they’re usually not great at what they do by accident. People who can “sell ice to Eskimos” as the saying goes have certain tricks up their sleeves that the rest of us could likely benefit from. If you’re looking to improve your sales strategy, then look no further than these secrets of highly successful salespeople.

They Know Who They’re Trying To Sell To

The first step is knowing who you’re trying to sell to. A one size fits all approach never works when it comes to trying to reach your target audience. So if you hope to convince someone to buy what you’re selling, you should know them inside and out.

Get to know what their preferences are. Find out what makes them tick. Are they married? What’s their career? The more you can identify, the more you’ll know how to appeal to their lifestyle.

Great salespeople make an effort to get inside the heads of their target audience and find out how what they’re selling can benefit their lives on a day-to-day basis. If you can pitch a sale in a way that speaks to someone’s core needs, then you’re that much more likely to convince them.

They Know Who to Focus on

Not everyone is going to want to buy what you’re trying to sell them, and that’s just the way it is. A smart seller knows who to focus their energy on and who is a lost cause. If you truly hope to win the heart of someone you’re looking to sell your product or service to, then make sure that you focus on the right people.

You can’t convince some people to buy from you, sometimes.  Don’t get caught up trying to convince a person that will never be convinced. A smart salesperson can tell early on if someone is going to buy or not. Sometimes it’s okay to walk away and focus your energy on something more promising.

They Stay Organized

A strong seller knows the importance of staying organized. If you follow up with your leads and have to repeat the same questions as you asked them last time, then they’re not going to be very convinced. However, if you remember important information about your leads, and make sure that you don’t make them repeat the same facts about themselves, then they’ll appreciate your attentive and personalized approach to sales.

Ideally, you should leverage the power of technology by using software that saves customers’ information for you. Otherwise, if you don’t have the luxury of software like CRM, then you should develop your own system on a spreadsheet. The more notes and information you can save about your customers, the more success you’ll have trying to pique their interests.

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