Self-Spreading Insanity: The Age of Contagious Vaccines

vaccinesOlivier B. Simon – With COVID vaccination “rollouts” ongoing, it would seem the angelic host of Big Pharma has swooped in to avert the end of the world, triumphing in the nick of time over a super-lethal, super-contagious, super-pandemic…with a whopping 0.15% infection fatality rate.

But if, for whatever reason, you still aren’t sold on the whole COVID Vaccination Magical Mystery Tour, don’t worry.  You may get another chance at serum-based salvation quite soon — whether you want it or not.

This is because COVID-19 may mark not the end, but the dawn of an age in which mankind will be constantly and inescapably peppered with custom-engineered viruses of all kinds.   A great many of these will go by the name “vaccine.”

We can now be all but certain, for instance, that COVID-19 itself originated in a Chinese bio-lab, as part of an ongoing (and U.S.-funded) project to create extra-contagious and extra-lethal humanized bat coronaviruses — so-called “gain of function” research.  (One famed virologist has even argued that COVID originated as a custom target for an experimental HIV vaccine.)

This aspect of COVID-19’s origin lends it the surreal distinction of being the world’s first wholly man-made pandemic.

So far, the implications of this disturbing reality have not fully dawned on most of our experts, nor on the general population — though it seems the Chinese were very much aware of them at least five years before COVID’s world debut.

Only time will tell what happens when the world finally realizes that “Trust the Science” also means “Trust the People Who Deliberately Made COVID-19 and Then Somehow Let It Out.”

But at least the release of COVID-19 was, presumably, an accident.  What if there were already plans afoot, not only to go on producing novel, contagious hybridized viruses but to release them into the world, this time definitely deliberately — and to do all this under the now-sainted pretext of “vaccination”?

Well, there’s little need to wonder anymore — or soon there won’t be, thanks to the fledgling scientific field of “self-disseminating,” or self-spreading, vaccines.

In a short paper published in February of 2020 in Nature Ecology and Evolution — just as the global hysteria over COVID-19 was taking off — researchers at the University of Idaho described a wondrous new frontier in public health.  Their vision: “optimizing the vaccine itself so that it can be effectively passed to other individuals.”  In effect: Make the vaccine itself a contagion.

In the coming utopia of viral genetic engineering, these scientists explained, vaccines will no longer require physical “jabs” at all.  Instead, technocrats will have the option to skip the pesky pitfalls of needle-based vaccines (such as distribution and consent), and get straight to business — by introducing freshly engineered immunizing viruses directly into the environment.

Imagine: full herd immunity could be just one airborne viral release away.  Take a deep breath, and your vaccination passport is already in the mail.­

Note that the 2020 paper was not some idle think piece tossed out by head-in-the-cloud Ph.D.s on the outskirts of academia.  The concept of immunizing populations by making vaccines contagious and then releasing them dates back at least twenty years.

The current effort appears to have been underway since at least 2007, and not just in Idaho: other involved institutions include the University of Texas-Austin, the University of Montana, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Colorado State University, and U.C.-Davis.  All appear to be collaborating through DARPA on a project called PREEMPT, focused on “scalable vectored” viruses — basically, self-spreading vaccines.

For those concerned that the COVID vaccines might not  be  causing  enough reproductive mayhem, self-spreading vaccines should be able to help with that, too.  As the Idaho authors note, self-spreading vaccines first arose from efforts to develop “sterilizing vaccines,” or “immunocontraception.”  Make no mistake: sterilizing, self-spreading “vaccines” are a going scientific concern.

Aside from all these interesting qualities, self-spreading vaccines may even be targeted to specific groups based on their behavior.  To quote the U. of Idaho authors: “transmissible vaccines will also benefit from delivery to individuals with specific behaviors.”

We are likely far closer to the deliberate release of a self-spreading vaccine than we realize.  In fact, two of the main COVID vaccines — AstraZeneca and J&J — are themselves probably close to “self-disseminating.”  Both are based on live, genetically modified adenoviruses — a viral family to which airborne spread comes naturally.

Indeed, examples of accidentally self-spreading human vaccines are already well known in the case of polio.  In 2018, oral polio vaccines, spreading on their own, inadvertently paralyzed more individuals than the natural virus itself.

The 2020 paper’s authors studiously avoid mentioning the most obvious use case for a self-disseminating vaccine: disease control for human populations.  Instead, throughout the paper (and in related earlier ones, as well as in the PREEMPT materials), the scientists act as if this possibility has not even crossed their minds, and they speak only of tailoring their masterpiece viruses to the vaccination of wild animals, or, as they put it, “proactively vaccinating the animal reservoir.”

In one spot, though, the authors seem to suffer a curious slip of the tongue as they discuss “whom” to directly vaccinate rather than “which wild animals”.  Could it be that they have human experimentation on their minds after all?

Much like the gain-of-function work that likely led to COVID, these new reports on self-spreading vaccines submerge deeply disturbing implications under glimmering professions of virtuous intent.  Even the motivation is similar: that we must artificially create and even release the most transmissible possible pathogen, so that in case it appears naturally, we will be prepared for it.  (Or in this case, “vaccinated” for it.)

Indeed, the similarity is so strong that it’s arguable that work on “transmissible vaccines” actually is gain-of-function research, simply renamed.

If there is one thing that these post-COVID times practically scream for, one indisputable action item, it would surely involve a massive awakening to the powers of bioscience gone amok.

Following over a year of hypocriticalineffectual, and draconian measures from our authorities, and flip-flops and false projections from our designated “knowers,” we have seen where such shiny professions of virtue tend to lead.  If personal freedom, democracy, and everyday common sense survive in recognizable form beyond 2030 or so, it will surely be in spite of such “virtue,” not because of it.

One synthetic pandemic is quite enough, is it not?  Must we really wait for our “best and brightest” to unleash another, and another — to work the bugs out of the bugs, so to speak?  How far should we go in “trusting the science” when “the science” becomes obvious lunacy?

Let us hope we find the strength of will to oppose and restrain this unnecessary experimentation, and to restore sanity and humility to those who wield these increasingly godlike tools.  If we do not, history is gearing to repeat itself — again and again and again.

SF Source American Thinker May 2021

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