Special Occasion Coming Up But Your Period is Approaching?

You have a major occasion coming up. You’re arranging your long due vacation, packing up, and getting all energized. And then you suddenly recollect your period is on its way. You obviously don’t want to stay on the shore, agonizing in the pain thanks to those cramps when you could be out there having so much fun!

If only your period understood this!

What do you do? Gather your pack of tampons and admit that you will feel a bit irritated all the time while on your highly anticipated vacations?

Or maybe you’d like to grab a box of Norethisterone pill which most ladies are using these days to delay their period.

Norethisterone is a synthetic hormone intended to give you more control over menstruation. According to Click Pharmacy, it is a hormonal drug which contains a type of progesterone. You can utilize it to delay your period for up to 17 days. The medication can likewise keep a lot of menstrual cycle issues at bay such as cramps, profuse bleeding, and treatment of  menopausal disorder and breast cancer.

Here are some of the events you’d prefer using Norethisterone for.


By a long shot, the most common reason behind the use of Norethisterone by women to defer their period is travel.

Numerous ladies say that they need to postpone their period when traveling. In the meantime, some would also utilize Norethisterone when they are going outdoors for camping, hiking, or when hosting/attending a party or a wedding.


Romance is the second most normal explanation behind taking Norethisterone to defer a period. This has strong sub-classes of reasons including sex and wedding.

Research shows that many women choose to delay their period when it’s due the time they are getting married. This is done to not ruin their life’s most important night i.e. the wedding night.

On the other hand, some women would use it to harmonize their sex lives. There are couples who are in a long-distance relationship and see each other after weeks or months or have a tough routine due to which they don’t get a chance to be intimate until it is the weekend. Women in such scenarios tend to alter the date of their cycle so that their sex life is not harmed.


There are certain occasions which you feel like enjoying to the fullest and don’t want your period to ruin the event for you. This is the third important and common reason women tend to use Norethisterone for.

By events, we do not necessarily mean gathering or parties. It could even be a less enjoyable but still important event like an important exam or a meeting for which you’d want to be fully prepared and don’t want a distraction like that to influence your performance or take your attention away.

Norethisterone Dosage and Side Effects


As said by the experts at Click Pharmacy, the dosage of this drug will depend upon your reason behind choosing to use the treatment. To postpone your period, you should take one 5mg pill three times each day.

Detailed directions are furnished with the drug and you can get more data from by talking to your doctor.

Side Effects

A wide scope of potential side effects are related with Norethisterone, for example, mild migraines or headaches, shakiness, rashes, itch, nausea, skin inflammation, libido alteration, and gloominess. There is likewise a danger of more severe impacts and so you need to be careful and get expert advice beforehand.

In case you have a special event coming up or you are planning on a well-deserved break from your dull routine and don’t want your period to ruin it, Norethisterone is your ultimate savior!

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