The American Blockade

blockadeBrooks Agnew – The New York Times reported last month that a record number of cargo container ships were anchored off the California coast. The question is, “What is holding those ships out at sea?

There are no military ships to block the ports. The captains of these ships, often sailing under non-US flags, are sovereign entities. They make money in moving containers of freight. I imagine they are on the phone every hour trying to find a way to get those containers off their ships and picking up another load to carry back. Someone, or something is preventing those ships from entering the port and unloading.

It looks like a blockade. It functions like a blockade. Who benefits from the blockade? If those ships cannot unload freight from China, it means China will not be able to sell anything else to Americans It also means America will not be able to export anything via container ships.

This hurts China more immediately than it does America, because China’s economy is 10 times more dependent on cash flow than America. Why? Because Americans are consumers of the Chinese goods, and not so much the suppliers to Chinese markets. The blockade would be impossible for any nation to enforce against America.

It is functioning like a blockade against Chinese imports. The only difference is that the goods are not being prevented from leaving China. They are being prevented from unloading. Each day those ships stay at sea, delays the cash flow to China.

The logjam continues today. Although few news outlets are giving it much attention, large corporations are certainly taking notice and preparing for serious supply chain delays, and so should every American.

Walmart is in the process of remodeling its stores and reducing its number of shopping aisles. Although it may result in more space for consumers, some are claiming it is a sign that the retail giant is anticipating smaller inventories. Just last month, Doug McMillion, the CEO of Walmart, announced an infusion of $14 billion in supply chain capital investments. Executives claim they are seeing the worst supply chain problems and inventory shortages in their entire careers.

Can Americans resource their supply chain requirements? Absolutely. China’s loss is American’s gain. Companies will form to supply the goods.

The fake stream news wants us to believe that COVID policy is the cause of the blockade because supplies from Asia have been hindered the most. The main ports of entry for container ships coming from Asia, are Democrat controlled cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, and Long Beach.

These cities pay their labor to stay at home rather than go to work. They are being aided by Virtual Joe and his gang of criminals. This would affect low-paying jobs of $16 an hour or less. Longshoreman earn between $41k and $127k per year with profit sharing and bonuses, and are not tempted by the helicopter money of the Fascists. Longshoremen are infuriated that the public is blaming them for the blockade.

Meanwhile, online shopping has grown exponentially. Modest estimates have e-commerce growing by 14 percent in 2021. Walmart’s online sales grew 79 percent in its most recently completed fiscal year. Unfortunately for Walmart, its supply chain may be incapable of meeting the growing online demand. This is a simple supply and demand problem.

Millions of Americans are ordering items online , but they are selecting American suppliers at a greater rate than every recorded. Airfreight does supplement shipping and is recording record profits but is unable to replace maritime supply chains. There is no way around the Asian blockade. That means, in order to satisfy their needs, Americans are buying American.

American retailers historically have done 60% of their business between T-day and Christmas Day. In previous decades those supplies have come from Asia. In 2021, Americans must buy from somewhere else.

People are already noticing the lack of supplies at retail stores: missing food service items at restaurants, the lack of fall line clothing at department stores, and even stores without shopping bags. The only commonality in the items missing is that they are imported from Asia.

Even if products are assembled in the states, the lack of one critical item can be detrimental. Take the car industry: small microchips are essential for anything from touch screens to transmission systems. The lack of microchip production in Asia has resulted in soaring prices for new and used automobiles in the United States.

It seems likely that a real supply chain problem is already here and it may be too late to head it off before online shopping demands increase over the holidays. I know other people are predicting a long, dark winter, but I have a different take. The Asian blockade is the best thing American businesses could hope for. One thing is for sure. Nothing is more powerful than that American customer. When we need something, someone will step up and provide it.

Virtual Joe and his gang of criminals have done everything in their power to crush Americans. They will soon discover that we are invincible. The only thing missing from the American business model is access to capital. If Americans can find the money to start or expand their businesses to meet demand, China will implode. It won’t take long for the support columns of the CCP to start crumbling.

This puts America in a very dangerous spot. We must make sure that the CCP does not attack us with an EMP to stop us from running away from them. I have no fear of a CCP invasion. If they attempt an invasion, their entire army will defect. If they attempt a Naval incursion, their ships will crumple and sink. They have already attacked us with a bioweapon that turned out to be 99% survivable with simple therapeutics.

How is the CCP fighting back against the blockade? Open your eyes, and you will see CCP agents inside Virtual Joe’s White House are using the jab as the counterattack. We are at war. This is not a movie.

SF Source Brooks Agnew Oct 2021

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