The New Music

musicJill Mattson – In the last hundred years popular music styles changed rapidly featuring: Swing, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal, Rap, Techno and Hip Hop. Speed and synthesis are characteristic of music of the current age – matching the pace of innovation and change resulting from this.

The rhythmic beats of Hip Hop, Rap and Techno may be likened to a relentless pushy force, pumping Earth’s vibratory engine to receive continuous changes. The beats pump through our arteries and the Earth creating special effects.

Historically, musical styles lasted thousands of years and now they change in just one generation. In a parallel development, sixty years ago color TV was an exciting innovation and that seems trivial today. Now the Internet, cell phones and personal computer have revolutionized that world many times over. Once again, the sonic vibratory changes precede the physical ones.

Primitive rain dances highlight a jumpy beat and frenzied dancing, encouraging stormy weather. Violent weather patterns accelerate the intensity of the elements. A parallel may exist between continual pumping rhythmic beats and increased intensity of violent weather patterns of tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes around 2000 – 2012. Waves from music combine with waves in close proximity, such as air, water, fire and the substances of the Earth. Perhaps the aggressive and accelerated rhythmic pulses facilitate labor pains of Mother Earth.

The conversion from analog to digital recording methods cooked up a new diet of distorted harmonics, another subtle but huge change in our vibratory nourishment. Sound healing methods use either analog or digital music.
Digital is a powerful devise to kill pathogens and viruses, while analog sounds mimic the internal body dialect created by sounds that interface with body functions.

The intensity and number of unheard vibrations in our environment are increasing rapidly. These silent rays bombard us, zapping us like a microwave thaws frozen meat. From cell phone signals, satellite transmissions to electric current, we are drowning in vibrations, becoming dulled in the process. We overlook subtle and tender sounds that were once so important – the crickets and the birds chirping.

Scientist Dr. Becker cautions, “All abnormal, man made electromagnetic fields, regardless of their frequencies, produce the same biological effects. These effects, which deviate from normal functions and are actually or potentially harmful, are the following:

  • Increases in the rate of cancer-cell division

  • Increase in incidence of certain cancers

  • Developmental abnormalities in embryos

  • Alterations in neurochemicals, resulting in behavior abnormalities such as suicide

  • Alternation in biological cycles

  • Stress in responses in exposed animals that, if prolonged, leads to declines in immune-system efficiency

  • Alterations in learning abilities” [1]

 [1]Becker, Robert, Dr. Cross Currents, The Perils of Electro pollution, The Promise of Electro medicine, Penguin Group: New York, 1990, pgs. 214-215.

SF Source Jill’s Wings of Light Apr 2021

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