The New Plagues – Chips Off An Old Agenda

SDP December 22 2013 – January 4 2014

In 2013 a Florida couple was required by a local statute to dig up a 17-year old garden. It seems their community in Miami Shores decided to make such front yard gardens off-limits. The rule was enacted in May 2013 and gave the couple until August 2013 to remove their vegetables or face fines of $50 a day. They removed the garden.

Elizabeth Renter wryly observes “Lately it seems we’ve been hearing of more and more people being forced to dismantle their vegetable gardens in order to appease city ordinances or homeowner’s association rules. These same policies don’t ban things like pesticides, Christmas lights, or tacky lawn art—just edible landscaping.”

So why the push to regulate food production? Ellen Brown quotes a powerful NWO insider who’s been guiding global policy for decades.  “Control oil and you control nations,” said US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in the 1970s.  ”Control food and you control the people.”

Control food. Not something easily accomplished without a bit of help from science. And, conveniently enough, the new field of genetic engineering emerged in the latter half of the 20th century. Shortly thereafter genetically modified organisms started creeping into the biosphere, organisms purposely altered at the genetic level to feed without nourishing.

Bye Bye American Pie (Hello GMO)

The kill-via-GMO policy was designed to advance globalist aims toward population reduction. “In the ground-breaking 2007 book Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation, William Engdahl states that global food control and depopulation became US strategic policy under Rockefeller protégé Henry Kissinger. Along with oil geopolitics, they were to be the new “solution” to the threats to US global power and continued US access to cheap raw materials from the developing world. In line with that agenda, the government has shown extreme partisanship in favor of the biotech agribusiness industry, opting for a system in which the industry “voluntarily” polices itself. 

This genetically modified food plague isn’t an “oops, we made a mistake” happenstance. It’s the plan, one that has been gradually implemented by in-the-know minions of all political persuasions.  “Politics, as we know, has new meaning in the global world of corporate-political elites. Their political intentions were always based in deceptions from the earliest planning stages to today . . . . The UN Agenda 21 blueprint has never been fully disclosed in truth or in the open. The 47 U.S. Biosphere Reserves are still completely under the veil for 90% of American people who have still never heard of them; same with the World Heritage Sites, and they are totally in the dark regarding the 620+ global reserves.”

In furtherance of the  eugenics agenda Levant notes “Stratospheric Aerial Geoengineering and Solar Radiation Management (chemtrailing) are only just now kind of/sort of acknowledged as “possibly” damaging the planet for 35 years or more as well as the super-secret global HAARP facilities, which happen to super-heat the atmosphere, while aerial spraying traps the “warming” on the ground beneath the artificial, metallized, and very noxious and debilitating clouds and haze that laid across the skies, globally.”

Stated another way, the elites responsible for fulfilling Item 1 of the Georgia Guidestones have created biosphere reserves and world heritage sites that will protect them from the poisonous consequences of chemtrail and GMO soil and water devastation. Once the depopulation agenda is complete these will likely utilize the hidden, very advanced technologies at their disposal to reverse the genetic and chemical damage and re-seed the now pristine earth with non-toxic, nourishing nature-made crops. The elite and their hand-selected workers then emerge from their bunkers and inhabit a depopulated earthly paradise.

Not so fast.

What these have not counted on is an accelerated global awakening fueled by inner promptings and fed by the ever-increasing reach of alternative media.

The Global Agenda Falters

Signs of refusal to accept unequal treatment are everywhere. National governments push back against American global conceit and NWO dictatorial rule via the United Nations.

What may appear to be small matters have great significance. The Indian reaction to having one of its diplomats searched is case in point.   Sreeram Chaulia states “. . . diplomacy operates on the principal of reciprocity and I’m afraid the Americans have not shown the basic courtesies to our diplomat in New York.  . . .  US diplomats often get away with a lot in many foreign postings and we have been extending these courtesies because in diplomacy, you need to do it in order for the relations to go ahead. But unfortunately the Americans seem to have thought that India is a banana republic and doesn’t have the spine to hit back.”

A second example of increased national refusal to obey is the Uruguayan president’s reaction to censure from the UN concerning his decision to legalize marijuana. “President Mujica – who proposed the bill in the first place – has championed the legislation as a way to eliminate the illegal drugs trade in Uruguay. . . . However, Mujica has been criticized by the international community for the legislation. Raymond Yans from the UN’s International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) described the move as “surprising” and said Uruguay “knowingly decided to break the universally agreed and internationally endorsed treaty”.

His comments provoked a heated reaction from the Uruguayan President who struck back, accusing Yans of being a “liar”. “Tell that old man to stop lying,” Mujica said in an interview with Uruguay’s Canal 4.  “Let him come to Uruguay and meet me whenever he wishes. Anybody can meet and talk to me, and whoever says he couldn’t meet with me tells lies, blatant lies.”

The Stage Is Set For Real Awakening

2014 shows signs of being a watershed year. The once hidden agenda has been” outed.” The alternative media enjoys increased audience-share globally. The primary focus of alternative news sources is deprogramming the human mind from rote engagement in an unwholesome, corrupt and corrupted agenda with its swollen tentacles infiltrating politics, finance, the environment and health. The pushback is beginning to have a decidedly populist effect as humanity awakens and begins to take steps toward taking back its power one community and nation at a time.

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