The Storm Is Upon Us

stormJohn Michael Chambers – In October 2017 as seen in this short video clip, President Trump said “You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.” What storm Mr. President (asked reporter), Trump replied, “You’ll find out”. Well that time has come. Yes, the storm is upon us. What storm? The battle between good and evil. Now that’s a storm.

Things will become increasingly more dangerous and challenging before we transition into a new norm here on planet earth. We are coming to see that all has not been what it seems. This goes far beyond just politics. This is global, affecting all of humanity.

Welcome to the great awakening. Welcome to your life!

With the Deep State de-class now underway, lies are being exposed, truths are being surfaced. Once stable datums will be challenged. This will lead to uncertainty and confusion.

Trust the plan. Stay the course. It’s okay to have been wrong. We all have been to a greater or lesser extent. We all strive to be right and now, we can be. All of us. The videos, on the right side of my blog page, will help you to connect the dots.

There is a plan. A well orchestrated plan that is underway and has been for years. Get ready. Be prepared. Stay informed. Yes, the storm is upon us. As to the swiftness we all would like to see with regards to the taking down the deep state, know this. It’s far more complicated than you may realize and timing is key. This is an intel battle. Optics are just that, optics. Patience is a virtue. They are all going down over the next couple of years beginning here in 2019.

Far Beyond Just Politics

This goes far beyond just politics. One reason we are winning is the fact that people are basically and inherently good. Sure, there is about 3%-5%  or so of the world’s population that operates in darkness, under the clutches of Satan if you will. This is pure evil manifested. This is why the President has being using words like “evil, evil people doing bad, bad things.”

He is preparing us and the world to confront some rather disruptive uncomfortable truths. The demonic influences have seized control over such persons. Then there is about 20%-30% or so of the population (probably a lot more), that are so adversely affected they have a difficult time functioning and thus wreaking havoc for the rest of us.

So many people are beginning to come out of the darkness and into the light. Support them, they need our help. Surveys indicate that the black community for example, controlled and hoodwinked by the Democrats and deep state for decades, is one good example.

The black community support of candidate Trump by some estimates was around 18%. Today this has nearly doubled. Thank you Candice  Owens and others for helping to awaken the black community.

People are also coming aboard as most people do not support infanticide, the killing of a new born infant. Most Americans do not support socialism and the new green deal of insanity.

Again a battle between good and evil that far transcends just politics. It’s common sense. It’s a simple matter of right and wrong. I wrote about this in the article titled Trump and the Morality of Mankind.

The deeply corrupt deep state and shadow government of this world are being exposed. Remember, many of these people are psychopaths and sociopaths and they do not view nor respect life like the rest of us. This is a deadly serious battle and failure is not an option.

Want to take this one step further? Watch this video from David Icke and this video from my good friend Paul St. John. Then read this article by my good friend Dr. Richard Davis (R.I.P.) and get a sense of what we are up against. President Trump said recently his greatest achievement as President, will be exposing the corruption and indeed he is and this has just begun. Vote for President Trump in 2020. No Trump-No Hope!

SF Source John Michael Chambers Jun 2019

One thought on “The Storm Is Upon Us

  1. This article states:
    “Again a battle between good and evil that far transcends just politics. It’s common sense. It’s a simple matter of right and wrong. ”

    “The deeply corrupt deep state and shadow government of this world are being exposed. Remember, many of these people are psychopaths and sociopaths and they do not view nor respect life like the rest of us. This is a deadly serious battle and failure is not an option.”
    On June 2, SF posted an article called ‘Transcending The Illusion Of Separation Between Light Vs Dark’. The author of this article wrote:

    “It’s important to understand that there is no force of darkness. Darkness doesn’t exist on its own; it is not a thing unto itself; darkness is simply the lack of light.”

    “So, there is no “force” of darkness, no force of evil. There is nothing pushing us to become negative and self-serving other than our own unconsciousness (our own disconnection from our higher-selves).”

    “We are creating our own darkness by unwittingly blocking the love and light and wisdom of our higher self — our darkness and the darkness in our world is self-created! Ultimately there is nothing other than the “illusion of separation” that causes one to follow the negative path or turn to the dark side. More about the illusion of separation coming shortly.”
    Yet he seems to confirm that there is a 3D duality, service to self and service to others:

    “The Service-to-Self/Negative Path is characterized by a way-of-being that is decidedly self-serving, and that likes to exercise power-over-others so that others can be made to serve their desires and needs. And the Service-to-Self label seems somewhat appropriate because those exploring this way-of-being (or on this path, if you like) have a strong bias towards fulfilling their own needs at the expense of others. Some of the attributes associated with this way-of-being include a tendency toward deceit, manipulation, and greed.”

    “The Service-to-Others/Positive Path is characterized by a desire to help others and to engage in cooperation for the betterment of all. Those on this path have a tendency toward honesty, cooperation, and generosity — to name a few.”

    I tend to agree that there IS a very real 3D and extra-dimensional/extra-terrestrial battle between service to self (evil/dark or absence of light) and service to others (good/light). Maybe dark cannot exist without light in a philosophical sense, but in a very real and dire sense, humanity cannot co-exist with forces who are seeking to destroy humanity and all of life. I’m not going to ponder the philosophical fluff of “duality”, ‘dark being an absence of love and light’ when my life and the lives of all of us and our very planet are threatened.

    Light and Truth will ultimately fully expose and stop the plans of evil; whether those walking the path of darkness are able to turn from their ways or not remains to be seen. But I know which ‘side’ and ‘path’ I have chosen. Which reality do you choose? If you make a choice to be a part of the Great Awakening, then you have chosen one over the other, light over darkness, Truth/Goodness over evil. So call others ‘dualistic’ if you want, but that’s our reality and that’s the situation that we all face.

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