This year, we have two Crescent cycles

crescent cycle
Crescent Moon

Laura Walker – Before this New Astrological Year began in April, we compared the cycles to the growth cycle of the plant — or in our case, the evolutionary growth cycle of us.

We set goals, wishes, and intentions at the New/Aries/April cycle. This is like planting a seed or an evolution of consciousness.

At the Crescent/Taurus/May cycle, the seed opens and struggles to rise, reach the light, and live. Crescent cycles demand perseverance to ride through the dark of the soil. We are asked if we are serious.

This year, we have two Crescent cycles. This means we are asked, again, if we are serious about the intention. Can we carry through with something that is an idea until we gain the light that is on the way with First Quarter?

Traditionally, one Crescent cycle is all it takes to detract those who have not made up their minds about what they want. Two Crescent cycles would eliminate much of the remaining field. That is not happening right now. The first Crescent/Taurus cycle occurred at “a white dove flying over troubled waters.” The waters were calmed. People persisted.

The second/Gemini cycle, which begins on Thursday, June 10, 2021, at 6:52 am EST, has the plant/”evolution of consciousness of us” in a very good position. It is strong. That is what we learn when we study the cycles. Whatever makes it through two Crescents is very strong to go forward through the remaining cycles.

The other cycles are not nearly as hard or harsh as Crescent because we come out of the seed in the dark in Crescent. It takes a leap of faith and will to seek light. This is old wisdom, carried more recently through Native Americans culture.

With the Sun of Second Renaissance “shining” (or lighting a way for us to see it in the dark) upon us, this cycle we are up for some choices with the Sabian symbol theme of “a cafeteria with an abundance of choices.” So we have had some time to think about that and maybe how that might be for you this upcoming month.

Having choices means we have to decide. What to do? The advice says to be choosy. Hold to a certain standard that is in line with your own beliefs. We can say no thank you.

Or, the choices may sound pretty good, and this is something we can only determine at the time. Certainly there are some things on the menu that are nourishing for the soul — which is what we are concerned with.

Mercury is retrograde and is reworking situations through June 21, which may prompt choices and decisions. Remember Mercury is reworking things, so things may change from the way they are now.

We have to have enough with us to “pay the bill,” so we need to not get carried away.

Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, is very fast energy. Gemini is “the twins” and can change its mind or switch positions. It can go to the polar extreme. Creativity and ideas are stimulated by Gemini (and seems to be stimulated by the Sun of 2R, as well. There are so many things that are forming into the raw material of ideas!).

About the vax: The continuation of truth coming out (this year’s theme is “a woman with pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load” – everything comes out) about the vaccines is felt by everyone. Everyone is dealing with the ongoing effect this is having across the fellowship of humanity. This is building a call for a change to the status quo because of the evidence of more and more people being hurt. War crimes.

So, this month we are holding tightly to our wishes and intentions for another cycle. And when we get to the Cancer cycle, the First Quarter cycle, things come alive even more than they are with an abundance of choices.

Tomorrow, we will talk about the Solar Eclipse.

Much love, L

SF Source Oracle Report Jun 2021

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