Yes, The Tide Is Turning Against The Globalists

globalistsShorty Dawkins – I wrote an article, recently, and pointed out that  “The tide is turning against the Globalists.” A comment appeared in the comment section stating: ” So when the author writes “The tide is turning against the Globalists”, I have to ask where he is seeing that?

I am seeing the tide turning in many ways.

Nationalism and globalism are diametrically opposed to each other. Globalists want to eliminate borders and national sovereignty and create a One World government ruled by selected oligarchs: their version of Plato’s Utopia. To show that the tide is turning against Globalism, one needs only to point out the rise in Nationalism. Here in the USA, Donald Trump, a Nationalist/Populist, was elected President, beating Hillary Clinton, a Globalist.

It was his message of Nationalist/Populism, embodied in his slogan, “Make America Great Again”, that people voted for. He decried the globalists. He stood for American sovereignty.

When was the last time the US had a President that unwaveringly stood for American sovereignty and values? Not since Reagan. Clinton, Bush 1, Bush 2 and Obama were all Globalists.

Globalism, by its very nature, is global in scope. What has been happening in other countries and regions? Well, there was Brexit, for one. The voters in the UK voted to leave the Globalist European Union, though their Prime Minister, Theresa May, a globalist, (She was anti-Brexit), has been dragging her heals on implementing the withdrawal.

In Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, those countries have voted in Populist/ Nationalist governments, opposed to the mass migration into Europe; which is supported at every turn by Globalists, such as George Soros, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron.

Italy just elected, (by a wide margin), a coalition government of Nationalist/Populists that are anti-immigration and anti-EU. The last election in France showed a large increase in favor of the Nationalist/Populist parties. The same occurred in the Netherlands and even in Germany. A Nationalist/Populist party in Sweden is now the largest political party there, though it is not in the governing coalition.

Back here, in the US, the Globalist Mainstream Media is in serious decline, as their parroting and promotion of the Globalist agenda is being ignored by more and more people. The MSM viewership/readership is declining, as we “deplorables” seek our news elsewhere.

Andrew McCabe was fired and Peter Strzok had his security clearance revoked and he was escorted from the FBI headquarters.

Over 2,000 arrests have been made recently  in a roundup of child pornography and sex trading activities. The Sex cult NXIVM was shut down recently.

Many Congressmen and Senators are not running for re-election. John McCain is ill and not running for re-election. Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, vehement anti-Trumpers (read Globalists), are not running for re-election. There will be many new faces in Congress next year. It is up to us to vote for anti-Globalist Nationalist/Populists.

There are some who want instant change, but that is not how change happens. They always see the glass as half empty. The Globalists have been pushing their agenda for at least a hundred years. Undoing what they have wrought will not be overnight, but it need not take a hundred years. What the Globalists did, they did secretly, in many instances. We don’t need to hide.

As anti-Globalist sentiment rises, the voices of the Globalists become shriller, and angrier. Globalist parrots, like George Soros, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, along with the Globalist shills in the MSM continue to demonize Trump and the Nationalist/Populist wave that is surging worldwide. All they can do is call us names, as their arguments are hollow. Their attacks are hate-filled and sound crazier by the day. They know their influence is waning. They see their beloved Utopia fading into the distance. It, like all Utopias, will end on the scrap heap of history.

SF Source Oath Keepers Jun 2018

5 thoughts on “Yes, The Tide Is Turning Against The Globalists

    1. Hi Rod, thanks for sharing the YT. They start off talking about the Montauk project. Of course they are talking about the “good” aliens. However, that is only a very SMALL part of what’s going on. g

      1. She. Touches on many subjects. The twin tower conspiracy? The secret government? The military industrial complex? The need for individual activation against media and government brain washing and control etc.

  1. After reading this, I may be a globalist. Not sorry at all about that if the likes of Donald Trump are Nationalist. He is a decisive awful human. He is about lining his pockets not helping a nation.

    1. If you truly mean what you’ve written I am genuinely sorry for you.

      Trump will go down as one of the greatest – if not the greatest – presidents of these united States of America. I thank God daily I live in Trump’s world and not the filthy, pedophilic, theiving, murdering, sociopathic world of a Hillary Clinton presidency. – g

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