Mid-Month Power Path Update

timeLena Stevens – This has certainly been a time of turning the soil and some of the themes that are being played out are “healing the past”, “dealing with change”,  and “welcoming new creative passions”.

Perhaps the most challenging at this time is fully accepting and trusting change. When you find yourself reacting differently to a situation that would have caused a different reaction in the past, it is sometimes hard to trust that because something in you has shifted,  things are indeed different. You may find yourself either less irritated or more irritated than previously around a situation. The main focus should be noticing, embracing and even fueling what is different.

This is a time of deep healing and it should be honored as such. However you are involved in your own process of turning the soil and revisiting that past, be clear about your purpose of healing whatever needs to be healed, freeing you up for the passions that are emerging at the same time. So one minute you may be feeling overwhelmed and burdened, the next, interestingly liberated, and the next excitedly inspired by some creative idea.

The suggestion is to take everything in stride and to be as neutral as possible about it all and to remember that it is a process. Keep the energy moving but do not get stuck in trying too hard to process or unravel something that is not yet ready to move. Revisit old experiences and memories with humor and gratitude and forgive yourself for everything you have done in the past you are not proud of.

We are approaching a time where the same triggers we had during the eclipse come around for another visit. It is best to prepare for this next go around by having some clarity about what you realize you want out of life, as well as having some tangible goals around those desires to work with. The cracks to the known structures and patterns allow for life to shift and change, and they also allow for new and exciting energies to start coming through to feed your creativity and passion.

SF Source The Power Path Nov 2017

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