Truly, Madly, Deeply

20 – 27 OCTOBER 2019

20 October – Sun conjunct Haumea
21 October – Venus trine Neptune
22 October – Mars square Node of Fate
23 October – Sun into Scorpio
25 October – Jupiter/Ceres Conjunction
27/28 October – New Moon 4° Scorpio

truthLorna Bevan – Do you remember the Buddhist phrase: “Wherever you go, there you are”, meaning that you can’t change your insides by changing the outsides? That it doesn’t matter how many new clothes, cars, trips, relationships you distract yourself with, there’s no escape from yourself and your way of being in the world. It might be heaven or it might be hell but it’s all self-created. Well, this week’s astrology brings this understanding to your attention.

On Wednesday, the Sun enters Scorpio right in the heart of the Via Combusta, the degrees between 15 Libra-15 Scorpio. Translated as “The Burning Way”, this is one of the most inaccessible parts of the zodiac, ruled by both Pluto and Mars. The collective human soul is intuitively feeling the debilitation of the lights, noticing the thinning of the veils between worlds. Think about how many cultures connect the last days of October and the beginning of November with celebrating the dead? In America, Halloween; in Latin countries the Dias des Muertos; in Celtic and neo-pagan culture Samhain.

When the Sun and inner personal planets move through Scorpio as they are now, it’s a potent time for truth telling, burning away the dross to create renewal and regeneration-personally and collectively. Frame Mars aligned with Saturn and the South Node of Fate as lighting the bonfire so that the phoenix can rise again from the ashes. And when it does, the rewards will be worth waiting for as Ceres merges with Jupiter.

The New Moon at 4 Scorpio next Sunday/Monday 27/28th opposes unpredictable Uranus in earthy Taurus – the inconvenient Truths are going to come as the veils of denial are finally torn away to reveal the state of the planet itself and its many cries for survival.

In your own life, start by doing an Integrity Cleanse. Ask yourself:

Where am I out of integrity?

What’s chronic, repetitive, or inflamed in my inner or outer life?

Where am I not feeling what I feel, knowing what I know, saying what I believe or doing what feels most right?

What needs to be cleaned up so I can be free to do and offer my best work in the world?

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The Chandra Symbol for Scorpio 4: A Loud Roar as a Tornado approaches

“The storms of the world come right through where and when they are needed. They must wipe out ordinary consciousness and bring into play every kind of released spirit and force.

When we live in the thick of storms and with always another threatened or impending, we are impelled into depth emotions, tumultuously drawn to activate the under soul, personally and collectively. You sense the violent urgency, for everybody round about, of whatever you are going through. And so you are plunged into storms to seek cleansing and release, to bring up what is under there and let it play itself out freely.

You do this with temptations toward every obsessive or addictive state imaginable and with a tremendous guiding force leading you through any and every extreme, to make all of existence come alive from deep inside–elementally, primally, and regeneratively.”

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SF Source Hare In The Moon Oct 2019

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