Trump: Obama Gave $150 Billion To Iran, Democrats Won’t Pay $5b For Border Wall

trumpSean Adl-Tabatabai – President Trump has slammed the hypocrisy shown by Democrats as they continue to block his attempts at funding the US-Mexico border wall.

Trump took to Twitter Wednesday, asking why former President Barack Obama “gave Iran 150 Billion Dollars,” yet the Democratic Party continues to oppose the $5 billion needed to secure the country’s border. reports: “The Democrats and President Obama gave Iran 150 Billion Dollars and got nothing, but they can’t give 5 Billion Dollars for National Security and a Wall?” Trump asked on Twitter.

The president was referring to former President Barack Obama’s controversial $1.7 billion settlement with Iran including a special delivery of $400 million in pallets of cash to the country on the same day that Iran released American prisoners.

Trump demanded Tuesday that Democrats support a deal that includes additional border security funds in a meeting with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The president also pointed to the recent terrorist attack in France as proof that the United States needed a secure wall on the border.

“We are going to strengthen our borders even more,” he wrote. “Chuck and Nancy must give us the votes to get additional Border Security!”

SF Source News Punch Dec 2018

2 thoughts on “Trump: Obama Gave $150 Billion To Iran, Democrats Won’t Pay $5b For Border Wall

  1. Let us not kill each other as this is just what they are hoping for. Just remember all the hollow bullets the former presidents ordered For Homeland security and FEMA camps. Stop allowing them to use ourselves to destroy our nation. If we are going to use power then let us remove the people in power who are creating this mess, it’s been both the big D’s and big R’s doing the bidding of their masters who are working on us destroying ourselves. These gangsters in government have never been for the people of this country as is evidence with the sorry state of our nation. These thugs have sold us all out with their traitorous actions and our taxpayers looted to pay for our own destruction . Let us not do the dirty work for them. If we use weapons against each other then you have given them this great victory for free. Why do they want your weapon’s, so they can round you up and keep all their ill gotten goods and no structural damage to what they think is theirs. Let us be smarter then a second grader and take out the real problematic group of thugs and help the President to LOCK THEM ALL UP EVERY LAST ONE OF THE SORRY TRAITOROUS THUGS.!!!

  2. Has it ever been more obvious that our purportedly elected officials are traitors to this country and are beholden to a completely different master than we the people? I now believe that the letter behind the name means little – “D” or “R” – either can – and will – sell out America in a heartbeat. If these scumbags are successful in removing a duly elected president from power – especially since their own candidate has committed numerous acts of treason against America – there WILL be blood in the streets. They will get their civil war… and remember, we conservatives are ones with the guns…

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