Truth is Truth

truthVeronica – This is a common phrase used with what seems like reckless abandon.  Perhaps we should examine it further so we can see exactly what the parameters are.

This primer is set up to embrace that which is truthful to the self.  There are universal truths, life truths, personal truths, mass consciousness truths, and the truth that determines your level of maturity in the grander scale of things.  By grander we mean vaster than you can perceive in your human state.

Imagine your wildest wish with it manifesting before you without effort.  That’s what we are talking about here.  Not the willy-nilly stuff.  We are speaking of the truth by which this life is made.

The truth is truly the only solid thought you have.  Without it all the reality you perceive is without substance.  Without truth it lacks the fiber necessary to give it substance.

To aspire to the truth is a commitment to your existence and evolution.  The truth is not always a comfortable place.  It means that every moment you expect yourself to live beyond the edges, out of the ego’s reach.  A tough spot indeed.

An exchange of truth can result ultimately in nothing short of god likeness.  Heaven is truth.  To be in truth is to be in the arms of a higher power. Literally.

SF Source Inner Whispers Nov 2019

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