Utilization Of Air Compressors For Effective Farm Operations

Air CompressorsTo most people, living on a farm can mean enjoying the fresh air, taking strolls for relaxation and looking after your favorite animals. The entire scenario looks like a beautiful shot in a movie. However, behind such beauty lies the hard work and dedication of the people who strive hard to run all the required operations smoothly. There is so much work involved that has to be carried out to perfection. Life on a farm starts by sunrise and ends after sunset. It is a dawn to dusk process, and many times, even a midnight job.

When the work routine is around the clock, it is necessary to look for all kinds of techniques that can make the job easier. Air compressors play a great role in lightening the manual labor. In most processes, being it milking cows or cutting grass, when an air compressor is attached to simple machines, the workload is reduced considerably.

Air compressors on a farm

Let’s take a look at the many operations that are made easier when operated in connection with an air compressor.  Benefits of using the air compressor on the farm are:

Inflating vehicle tires

Every farm will have its own set of vehicles for many purposes. There can be tractors, grasscutters, bikes, bicycles, cars, minivans, tempo travelers, etc. Each will be used for specific functions. The basic requirement in each case is to keep the vehicle in proper condition.

Stock trailers meant for transporting animals across the farm or to the veterinarian are vital so they have to be kept properly inflated. The tires of all the vehicles should be inflated according to their required PSI.

It may not always be possible to take the vehicle to a garage whenever the tires have to be inflated. Keeping an air compressor handy spares a lot of time and effort. This will also avoid the risk of injury as well as wear and tear due to the malfunctioning of the vehicle.

Painting jobs in and around the farm

Painting when solely done by the farmhands is an enormous job as it has to be accommodated into their schedule along with all the other routine procedures. Finding extra time to complete the painting jobs is hectic as none of the routine operations can be ignored. There is no option of postponing work on a farm as this is a 24-hour job which must be completed on time in the proper sequence. So sparing laborers for extra work like paining is tiresome and complicated.

Spray painting with the help of an air compressor gets the job done in half the time. It also involves less than half of the personnel time required when the painting is done manually.

Nail guns for multiple operations

Nail guns are one of the most favorite tools of a farmer. Most farmers have the habit of fixing, repairing and building structures on their own. They hardly rely on external assistance. It becomes their priority to get things fixed on their farms. Hence a nail gun is considered very important.

Fixing nails into buildings, repairing chicken sheds, cow sheds, attaching frames to doors, windows, etc, are all sorts of jobs that require the assistance of an air compressor.

Pneumatic staplers for repair works

Like nail guns, pressure operated staplers are also a compulsory accessory that a farmer carries around. The most required help is when mending fences. If a particular area of the mesh fence has to be repaired, the stapler becomes very handy. The fence can be stapled to hold on without collapsing.

Cleaning equipment to maintain hygienic conditions

Most farm machinery follows the CIP procedure- Cleaning in place. Here the cleaning fluids are pumped with great force into the pipelines and cleaning brushes are rotated to clean within the internal fittings. CIP process helps to get the work done perfectly in a short time.

It is quite impossible to manually remove all the fitness equipment and clean them individually. Air compressors help to activate the cleaning procedures easily.  There are plenty of choices available and if you want to scout a few, there are reliable sites such as https://www.ablesales.com.au/air-compressors-factory-direct/, where you can find relevant choices across budgets and requirements, that can help you choose the best.

Having a look through such sites gives the readers a clear picture of the advantages of using air compressors. Even the heavy-duty vehicles and other machinery can be easily cleaned with vacuum machines which in turn depend on compressed air.

Dairy farming and related activities

On a dairy farm, the most important area that calls for the use of air compressors would be the milking houses. It is not feasible to milk the cows by hand, especially in larger farms. Regardless of the size of the farm and the number of animals, most farms have now moved on to machine milking.

These machines depend on the principle of vacuum treatment. This causes less damage to the udder of the animals and is much more reliable. Air compressors are the main jobs of operating the milking machines perfectly.

The time consumed is also reduced with milking machines. As explained earlier, CIP cleaning of these machines also keeps them hygienic and sanitized conditions. All production areas should have such compressors for effective cleaning and sanitization.

Air Powered Gates for regulating traffic in-stalls

Gates operated on sensory and pressure-controlled conditions are becoming more popular in farms. When the animals have to be controlled during entry to their respective positions for milking, vaccination, feeding, bathing, etc, such gates become very useful.

The animals can enter the stalls in proper order without running over each other. The gate opens to let an animal in, with the help of pressure sensors, it closes so that the animal already within the open gate can move forward without colliding into another animal.

The entire process is completely efficient and can be controlled without manual efforts. Entry and exit gates to individual stalls in most farms are now based on compressed air powered gates.

 Aquaculture purposes  for value addition

Farmers are getting familiar with the idea of diversification these days. The idea of commercial farming has spread to the field of aquaculture as well. Commercial fish breeding and rearing are highly popular among farmers.

Swimming pools that have not been used for a long time are getting converted into fish breeding areas. An air compressor becomes helpful to provide a steady supply of oxygen to the fish.

Proper cleaning and drainage of wastes are also necessary. Aerating the fish pond is the key to keeping the fish alive. It is also important to aerate the pond and bubble it well to prevent algae formation.

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) and Septic systems

Effluent treatment plants and septic systems are a must for any farm, whether it is large or small. Treating the waste materials and proper disposal of sewage makes the sanitization of the farm and surrounding areas effective. Air compressors are required to suck out the drainage and other wastes stuck in the pipelines.

The mixing of required and safe chemical for effluent treatment also depends largely on such compressors. Once treated, water from the ETP plants can also be pumped back and used for watering the fields and other cleaning purposes.

Reusing the treated material also makes it possible to save money and time. There are parts of the treated material that forms excellent manure for plant cultivation. It is important to have proper knowledge of the sewage system and Effluent treatment processes. Consulting experts and setting up such systems within the farm will prove to be cost-effective and useful in the long run.

Powering water pumps for irrigation and domestic purposes

The farm cannot operate effectively if there is no proper water source. It is mandatory to have sufficient water sources and storage facilities. The water has to be pumped into the storage tanks or underground sumps on a daily basis for ample supply. Air compressors play a key role in operating water pumps. As these can also be run on generators, they can be used as back up plans when there is a power outage. It is relatively easy to use the force of air from a compressor to raise the level of the water being pumped. The energy required for this is minimal and the whole process becomes more efficient.

Other purposes wherein the air compressor can be used include processes like:

♦ Utilization of Wind energy

♦ Weeding and agricultural activities

Accessories required   for operating the air compressor on the farm

Make sure to purchase the most suitable air compressor as per the requirements on the farm. Always check with an electrician and get his confirmation. The other accessories or extra fittings that will be required are as follows:

♦ Nail gun

♦ Tubing components

♦ Regulators

♦ Lubricators for machinery

♦ Hoses and extension cables

♦ Paint sprayer

♦ Oil for equipment lubrication

♦ Pressure checking gauges and monitors

♦ Safety equipment for staff while handling the compressor

Farm chores become so simplified when done with the correct tools and equipment. Handling the machinery required is no longer a complex one and can be carried out with ease with the right air compressor combination.

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