An Elemental Shift

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18 – 25 August 2019

18 August – Mars into Virgo​
19 August – Venus trine Galactic Centre
20 August – Venus into Virgo / Sun trine Galactic Centre / Mercury trine Jupiter
21 August – Mercury trine Great Attractor
23 August – Sun into Virgo
24 August – Venus conjunct Mars

VirgoLorna Bevan – One after the other this week, Mars, Venus and the Sun cross from fixed Leo into mutable Virgo, from the alchemical element of Fire to Earth. Whenever the personal planets change signs, you notice your emotional state shifting as well.

Those bright creative inspirations that have arisen since the Super New Moon on August 1st and Jupiter/Uranus changing direction on August 11th now need grounding. At the same time, the light bulb moments will still keep coming as Mercury in Leo aligns with Jupiter on the Great Attractor and Mars, Venus and the Sun align with Awakener Uranus in Taurus. A mystic Finger of God from Saturn and Neptune points to Mercury – time to test the viability of your dreams.

This week marks the start of what will become in September a relentless embodiment and manifestation process-when the spiritual rubber will meet reality road. For the inside track, sign up to my subscriber only September 5D Report: “Radical Repurposing”.

For now, notice that you are nudged from within to regenerate your own ecology – your energy signature, the magnetic Field that surrounds you, that you live from, draw on and co-create, your breath, your physicality, your food, your creativity, your health, your heart, your frequency.

For it to flow, for you to thrive, not just survive, you need to clear the river. Being deeply present to your physicality and frequency will gradually become the new normal in your transition to full embodiment. Under such transformative earthy energy, you will be amazed at how suddenly and effortlessly you switch to what is in your own highest interests. The experimentation, feeling and energy of freedom within your own thoughts and heart accelerates change over habit.

Chandra Symbol for Venus/Mars Virgo 4:  A small piglet dressed in baby’s clothes

“Being aware of the factors others miss. Sensing the clues, the missing pieces. Drawn toward what is shadow, what is denied, what is suppressed. Seeing the world from the point of view of the dispossessed, of the denied, of the inconvenient factors and forces. Whatever we try to get rid of will come back on us and must be heard, felt, known, made the basis for the truth to be far more comprehensive, far less self-serving .Any way you cut it, this is the surfacing of what we assumed had been put behind us. It is the circling back around to get us in touch with the earth and with unfinished business, gaping holes, anything and everything we’d like to forget. Right in the middle of all this controversy, a future possibility is being hatched, and it will not wait to be approved and allowed in.”

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SF Source Hare In The Moon Jul 2019

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