New York Times: Israel Blackmails Pedophile Congressmen

Baxter Dmitry – A New York Times article claims that high-ranking Congressmen and other Washington D.C. politicians are pedophiles who employ the services of child prostitutes. The article also states that the pedophile politicians’ sex secrets have been sold to foreign governments including Israel.

The article was published at a time when the New York Times was a real news organization rather than the D.C. swamp’s PR department, and provided evidence from an investigator who worked for the New York State Senate’s Select Committee on Crime.

It is often said that the reason why no one in authority will investigate pedophilia among the elite is because many politicians, including those in D.C., are pedophiles, and these pedophile politicians are blackmailed by powerful intelligence groups, domestic and foreign — including Israel’s Mossad — who have “the goods” on their child-sex activities.

The New York Times article from 1982 proves that this situation is nothing new. It has been going on for decades. The difference is that now the mainstream media won’t dare report on it, and will go out of their way to “debunk” anybody who dares to report the truth.
washingtonBelow is the article in its entirety, “Boy Sex Rings Said to Peddle Client Data to Foreign Agents,” The New York Times, July 27, 1982:


Prostitution rings are providing young boys to male customers in Washington and are reportedly selling information about their clients’ sexual preferences to foreign intelligence services, a private investigator testified yesterday.

The investigator, Dale Smith, who works for the New York State Senate’s Select Committee on Crime, said he had learned that British, Israeli and Soviet agents had bought information from several call services in Washington.

Mr. Smith appeared before the committee at the opening in New York City of a two-day hearing on prostitution among young males and on pornography.

Mr. Smith said that an accountant for five call services had told him about the sale of information to foreign agents. He refused to elaborate on the allegations when questioned by reporters, but the committee counsel, Jeremiah McKenna, said that the information concerned ”government officials.” He declined to be more specific.

”They’re making more money selling information than on the prostitution itself,” Mr. McKenna said.Allegations of homosexual sex and drug use on Capitol Hill among Congressmen, pages and other employees have circulated in Washington recently.

Mr. Smith also said that ”call service operations in Washington have some connection with organized crime in New York.” He described how male prostitutes between the ages of 13 and 16 were shuttled between the cities, and were paid from $50 to $250, with younger boys commanding the most.

Earlier, a Washington detective testified that she had uncovered a six-city prostitution network that used 12-year-old boys and allowed customers to pay for sex with credit cards.

The cities involved are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York, Washington and Houston, said the detective, Anne Fisher of the Washington Metropolitan Police.

”You could call a number in Houston from Washington and have a young boy brought to your room in Washington,” the detective said.

SF Source Your News Wire Aug 2017

2 thoughts on “New York Times: Israel Blackmails Pedophile Congressmen

  1. Gillian, the cities highlighted in this article are all ports of entry (including Washington DC via the US Navy Yard & Port Authority) and it would follow that some within Shipping Transport along with Air Cargo, (public and private), could easily act as primary players in the international trafficking of drugs, weapons, and human beings. Toss in the fact that shipping and air cargo operate within ‘binding’ government regulations and it becomes easy to imagine the potential for governmental collusion in illicit trafficking endeavors.

    1. Hi Rose! I’m pretty sure there are no avenues of trade / commerce that have not become ratlines inside sewers. It is rotten to the core. Diplomatic pouches are used to move diamonds and drugs, art shipments do not have to go through customs, so that’s another HUGE entry point for all sorts of dastardly things. The world is run by huge overlapping criminal enterprises comprising banks, royalty, the Vatican, and international corporations. Their grip on power must be extinguished.

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